Custom Earring Cards

Custom earring cards add a professional touch to your jewelry. Here are dozens of photos and ideas for making earring cards, or ordering them professionally designed and printed.

Help – Handmade Earring Cards Warping in Humidity

by Janet. I do outdoor events, and I am having troubles with my handmade earring cards warping due to humidity and / or rain. I even tried covering the backs with 2″clear tape and they still warped. Any suggestions? I like a 2″x4″ card that I transcribe info onto. Thanks! Janet

Quick Earring Display Cards

by Becky Jamin. (Beautiful Sunny St. Petersburg, Florida USA) I had run out of my favorite earring display cards so I punched holes, with my metal punch pliers, in one end of my business cards and hooked the ear wires through so that they hung on the plain white back side of the card. Slip […]

Do-It-Your-Self Jewelry Card and Hole Punches

by Michelle Griffin. (Long Beach, California, USA) I just bought some earring card hole punchers and one broke the first time I used it. I was wary over buying another, so I searched online everywhere to find other ideas for making my jewelry cards. I ran across an info site of a woman who uses […]

Earring Cards That Tell Your Story

by Maryanne Murphy. (Atlanta, Ga) Having to make earring cards, or something to put earrings in started with my Biker Chic(tm) jewelry line. Earrings from my On The Rocks line went into a box, but Biker Chic was going to events and only the higher end items would ship in a box. So, after looking […]

Earring Cards that Are Also Necklace Cards

by Dalia Costa. (Portugal) I decided that it was time to change my earring cards to something more simple and that give all attention to my pieces… This was what I made. I always use my trademark colors and font to give all my marketing material the same look, it’s easier for customers. After I […]

Earring Cards for Smaller Earrings – 2 x 2

by Rena Klingenberg. These earring cards measure 2 x 2 inches, and fit perfectly into this flocked jewelry tray insert from my display. The front of my cards have my jewelry business name, type of metal, and other components used in the earrings. On the front I also place a small, removable price sticker. I […]

Earring Card, Greeting Card, and Gift – All in One

by Joanne Jordan. (AJ Roses Gift / Card) This earring card / greeting card is a great gift idea for friends and family to show thanks and appreciation. It can be made for all occasions. Inspired by my nine-year-old daughter’s artwork and my love of making jewelry, together we came up with AJ Roses Gift […]

Creative Earring Card Ideas

by Rena Klingenberg. For creative earring card ideas, look at standard earring cards – and then think of ways to give some of the features a unique twist. For example, you might try a unique shape or color. Or turn an ordinary, everyday object into a unique earring hanger: Also check paper-crafting, altered-art, and scrapbooking […]

Custom Embellishments Jewelry Earring Cards

by Jennifer Patrow. (Cottage Grove, Minnesota, USA) When I make my earring cards, I use a scrapbook punch for the cardstock back. I use sticky dots to add a cut out cardstock front (to make the cards sturdy). I have all my info printed on the front of my earring cards, and on the back […]

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