Cleaning Jewelry

Tips for different ways of cleaning jewelry to keep it sparkling! Find out which stones are fragile and need special care.

Homemade Jewelry Cleaner

by Debbie Sosa. Homemade jewelry cleaner is a great item to give to your customers – to help them take care of the items they purchase from you, and remind them of your business every time they use it! I print the recipe on a small card and include it in the bag when they […]

How to Clean Brass

by Rena Klingenberg. Looking for ways to safely remove tarnish and dirt from brass, and bring out the shine (or as much shine as you desire) in this lovely jewelry metal? I’ll share several methods below – but first, some important tips for getting the best and safest results when cleaning brass. How to Clean […]

Cleaning Jewelry

by Rena Klingenberg. Cleaning jewelry to an incredible sparkle definitely enhances its value in the eyes of your customer. Fingerprints, skin oils, dust, and tarnish dull the beauty of jewelry and prevent it from shimmering with that gorgeous, high-quality aura. Keeping your jewelry clean is a good strategy for increasing your sales and being able […]

Tarnished Earwires

by Veronica Wood. (Manassas Park, Virginia USA) Rena, I’ve been struggling for three years now with my jewelry business. I have not made a profit yet, and now I’m facing another huge loss of inventory due to tarnishing findings. I make my own business cards and earring cards and I store my earrings in individual […]

What if Your Jewelry Turns Color After You Sell It?

by Rena Klingenberg. Recently a jewelry artist asked me, “How can I keep the metal in my jewelry from turning color after a customer buys it?” There are two main reasons why jewelry may turn color: 1.) The metal has tarnished. This is most common with sterling silver, but other metals can dull and tarnish […]

Cleaning Copper with Ketchup (Video)

Jewelry and Coffee with Rena Video Episode 20 by Rena Klingenberg. See my experiment with ketchup on copper – will it remove the oxidation from rustic earwires and a metal tag? Transcript of This Video: Today’s episode should almost be called “Jewelry and Ketchup with Rena” because I’m going to show you an example of […]

How to Clean Flocked Jewelry Displays and Trays?

by Janine. (Holliston, Massachusetts, USA) Does anyone know how to clean flocked jewelry trays with flocked velvet displays? A good friend gave me a dozen trays and they are in great shape but need a cleaning. I also could use this tip for my flocked jewelry display busts. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!! Janine Janine […]

Sunshine Polishing Cloths Safe for Gemstones?

by Jackie Davidson. (New Jersey, USA) I use gemstones, sterling silver and crystal/glass in my pieces. If I use a Sunshine Cloth to polish the sterling silver, it will also rub against the gemstones, even if I try to avoid them — is that OK? I read somewhere that you should avoid that, but it […]

Prevent Tarnish on Your Jewelry Inventory

© by Rena Klingenberg; all rights reserved. If you can prevent tarnish from forming on your jewelry, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort in cleaning your jewelry before every show and party. What Exactly is Tarnish, and What Causes It? Preventing tarnish on jewelry is far less work than removing it! […]

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