Cleaning Jewelry

Tips for different ways of cleaning jewelry to keep it sparkling! Find out which stones are fragile and need special care.

What’s the Safest Way to Clean Foil Backed Crystals?

by Sharon Berg. I have many necklaces that I would like to clean that have silver / rhinestone spacers where the silver plating has slightly tarnished. It’s almost impossible to remove this with a dry polishing cloth. I’m also concerned about immersing these in liquid. I wondered if the ionic cleaners would be safe for […]

Lacquer to Prevent Tarnishing of Silver, Brass and Copper?

by Anne Brett. (Illinois) Hello. Can you tell me if it is safe to use a clear lacquer on jewelry for a more permanent solution to tarnishing of silver, bronze and copper? Thank you, Anne Brett

Product that Prevents Jewelry from Tarnishing?

by Danielle. (Las Vegas) I have a jewelry obsession and I’m finally going to ask a question I’ve wanted to for 20 years. I’ve recently been making jewelry and I figure there would be no one better to ask than you. Is there a product that will prevent jewelry from tarnishing? I’ve tried to avoid […]

Amber Set in Silver: How Do I Clean It?

by Joanna. (United Kingdom) I would really appreciate your advise on how to clean tarnished silver in silver with amber jewellery. I really would like to keep amber from contact with silver cleaning liquids but cannot clean silver properly with just a silver cleaning cloth. What to do? Any suggestions? Joanna

Tarnish on Stuff Besides Sterling Silver

by Karen Cahill. (New Jersey USA) The tips here are great but I do not use sterling, I am using pewter, brass coated pewter, base metal and gold plated metals. What is the best way for these type metals not to tarnish? I spend alot of time and money making jewelry and have had alot […]

Jewelry Tarnished in Storage: Need Advice Please

by Billie Jean Williams. Hi All, Has anyone had the problem with storing jewelry and then having it tarnish really bad? If so, how did you remove and restore the pieces? Help ladies, I really need it. Thanks all. Billie Jean Williams  

A Jewelry Care Tip for Your Customers (Video)

Jewelry and Coffee with Rena Video Episode 32 by Rena Klingenberg. Many people store their jewelry in the bathroom so it’s handy when they’re getting ready for the day. But is that a good place for jewelry? Transcript of This Video: Many people store their jewelry in the bathroom. That way it’s handy while they’re […]

What Type of Tumbler for Wire Jewelry?

by Gro. I wonder, do you have the time to give me a tip on what kind of jewelery tumbler to buy (on ebay maybe, just made a search), for tumbling metal wire jewelery for stability and shine? Is the ones for tumbling stones ok to use? What kind of granula should one use in it? […]

Ivory Dominos: How Can I Safely Clean Them?

by Leslie Hirschberg. (California USA) I found some old dominoes at an antique shop. I think they are ivory with black or red dots. Does anyone know how they can be cleaned? Leslie Hirschberg Brewster beads

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