Bracelet Displays

Bracelet displays you can purchase for a song or creative options you can make yourself at home.

Display for Photographing Faux Pebbles Bracelet

by Debbie Sosa. (Troy, Michigan) I make rustic jewelry, and needed a way to photograph it in a rustic way, too. Using a gorgeous stone that I picked up in my travels, lends the perfect backdrop to my faux pebbles bracelet. What do you think? Debbie Sosa Bead Bewitched on Etsy Bead Bewitched on Artfire […]

Inexpensive, Elegant Bracelet Display

by Sarah Keith. (Florida) The small, velvet covered manufactured bracelet displays are too expensive for someone just getting started selling jewelry. This bracelet display idea can easily show 10-15 bracelets – depending on size. Supplies: 2″ x 2′ PVC Pipe Black Knit Fabric (T-Shirt material) 68″ Artist’s Wire (at least 16 gauge) Small Crystal “plastic” […]

Easy Bracelet Display From a Mailing Tube

by Sue Runyon. (Niceville, Florida, USA) I’ve been meaning to figure out how to make one of these for a while so I’ve been saving cardboard tubes that are approximately wrist size to do it. But I hadn’t figured out how to cap the ends to make them look finished and professional. Then it occurred […]

Wooden Bracelet Display by Baker’s Bracelets, Etc.

by Ali Baker. (Oklahoma) Using a piece of wood, measuring 15 x 15 inches, I painted it white and nailed tiny steel brads into a pattern. Here are 2 pictures. I do love the idea of using the glass frames to let light show off the colors of the glass & crystal…my next project! Ali […]

Cool Slate

by Vicki Sugar. (Suwanee,Georgia) I am fortunate enough to have access to authentic slate (my sons have a Restoration Construction Business). So I find unique shapes, put 3 coats of high gloss sealer on them and use them at my shows. The cool shine and the warm glow of the bracelets really catch buyers’ eyes. […]

Mug Rack

by Lynne Cirillo. (Venice, FL) I use an old coffee mug holder – the tree-kind. I have found them at thrift stores and yard sales. They mostly come in wood – but I just found one in black wrought iron. Lynne Cirillo Comments: Almost designed with bracelets in mind! by: Rena What a great idea, […]

Cheap Bracelet Displays: Two Quick Ideas

© by Joan Kraus & Aimee from AimeeSilverWear; all rights reserved. Here’s a wonderfully cheap bracelet display idea, made from a glove. This project comes from Joan Kraus. She says: “Why pay for jewelry displays for your booth when you can make your own? I took an old black kid glove and stuffed it with […]

Another Display Idea for Bracelet

by Dita Basu. (California, USA) Thank you for your wonderful ideas and comments, my friends, regarding bracelet displays and using cylindrical things. As Rena said, “Think out of the box” I took it literally and used a candle. This candle has a soft warm off-white glow, which kind of flatters the bracelets. Actually, I sold […]

Mirror Bracelet Display

by Jacqui Geary, (Sparta, NJ, United States) Many years ago I used to own a catering business. I used beveled mirrors for all of my decorative displays, with the concept “Your eyes sell the product.” If it is attractive to the buyer, you have a better chance of selling the item. Mirrors are great, especially […]

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