Booth Ideas

Try these jewelry booth ideas to create or re-invent your setup for shows.

New, Improved Signing for Jewelry Prices

by Linda Harrison. (United States) Signing my items has sometimes been a challenge. I don’t care for those string tags because they hang from merchandise and sometimes look tacky. I used to make just a folding cardboard sign from cardstock, but they don’t last long. I also used to make signs and laminate, but if […]

My Banner Sign for Jewelry Shows

by Kathy Zee. (Fiddletown, CA) This is a photo of my banner that I use for my jewelry shows. It is vinyl, and I had it made at Vista Print for $10. I was able to add photo’s of jewelry that I have made, my logo, Etsy store URL, and my address. When it arrived, […]

Jewelry Booth: A Work in Progress … #3

by Joan. (Poway, California) Hi, I’m back with my current display. I really like it and thought I would share it with you. My family suggested that I use a color that would “pop” my displays. So this is what I came up with. I’m finally happy with it, and may tweak it once in […]

Barbara’s Booth for Handcrafted Beaded, Wire Wrapped Jewelry

by Barbara Rosol. (Irwin, PA) One of the most exciting thing about selling jewelry at craft shows or events is setting up your display. There are so many different ways to show off accentuate your best pieces and that’s to use risers or homemade displays. I use a 10 x 10 tent space for my […]

First Outside Fair

by Janine. (Holliston, MA) I have been making jewelry for a long time (20+ years) but it was time to start selling outside!! I finally bought a tent from Job Lot and collected displays and tables over the last few months. Took the leap and signed up for a small spring fair in my local […]

Jewelry Display with Backdrop and Risers

by Duane. (Lancaster, PA, USA) Our display is always evolving but the biggest improvement we made was to add a manufactured display with risers and various stands. Our backdrop I made by cutting an arch in a 4′ piece of 1/4″ luan plywood, then cutting a row of slots for hanging items and finally glued […]

Booth Ideas – Shutters and Sheer Curtains

by Sharon Butcher. (Powell, Ohio) I use shutters (found in a trash container) and sheer curtains to create a background for my display. You can adjust them for different size tables. They enclose my booth creating a small room and blocking distractions. Shutters have coffee hooks on back to hang the sheers. Sharon Butcher The […]

My Jewelry Booth Display: A Work in Progress

by Joan. (Poway, California USA) Every Saturday, when I setup my jewelry booth display I do something different. I’m still not completely happy with it. Sometimes I have a 10 ft. + space. I’m considering adding a box or something to place my forms on, or add a shelf. I don’t like just laying my […]

Booth Setup: Come In or Keep Out?

by Linda Tenney. (Palm Harbor, Florida USA) I was curious what other vendors’ opinions are on having your booth set up either so shoppers can step in and look around or if your tables define the perimeter and shoppers browse from outside. I have a 10’x10′ white tent and have done about 8 shows with […]

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