Jewelry Displays

Jewelry displays for shows. The best jewelry displays for photographing your handmade jewelry. .

My Banner Sign for Jewelry Shows

by Kathy Zee. (Fiddletown, CA) This is a photo of my banner that I use for my jewelry shows. It is vinyl, and I had it made at Vista Print for $10. I was able to add photo’s of jewelry that I have made, my logo, Etsy store URL, and my address. When it arrived, […]

Christmas Display & New Designs

by Chris Rehkop. (Ashland, MO) I’m a vendor in a new shop in my community (The Eclectic Corner), and I’m happy to say my sales were quite good for my first month. I wanted to create tasteful but unique ways to display my jewelry creations that would attract Christmas shoppers. Nothing gives me more pleasure […]

17 Years Old and Starting My New Jewelry Business!

by Mckenzie Hartwell. (New Hampshire) Hi, my name is Mckenzie. I am a new artist who originally started jewelry making for a class project and grew a passion for it. At the age of 17, it is very hard for me to enter my work into any online sites for selling. So currently I am […]

Vintage Barn Sale – 1st Time Jewelry Vendor

by Chris Rehkop. (Ashland, MO) Well I did it – I committed to my 1st public sale of my creations! Several weeks ago I was asked to be a jewelry vendor (1 of 2) at a new event, a ‘vintage barn sale.’ This was a very rural location; we had 11 vendors selling country collectibles, […]

Help – Handmade Earring Cards Warping in Humidity

by Janet. I do outdoor events, and I am having troubles with my handmade earring cards warping due to humidity and / or rain. I even tried covering the backs with 2″clear tape and they still warped. Any suggestions? I like a 2″x4″ card that I transcribe info onto. Thanks! Janet

What’s the Safest Way to Clean Foil Backed Crystals?

by Sharon Berg. I have many necklaces that I would like to clean that have silver / rhinestone spacers where the silver plating has slightly tarnished. It’s almost impossible to remove this with a dry polishing cloth. I’m also concerned about immersing these in liquid. I wondered if the ionic cleaners would be safe for […]

Jewelry Booth: A Work in Progress … #3

by Joan. (Poway, California) Hi, I’m back with my current display. I really like it and thought I would share it with you. My family suggested that I use a color that would “pop” my displays. So this is what I came up with. I’m finally happy with it, and may tweak it once in […]

Barbara’s Booth for Handcrafted Beaded, Wire Wrapped Jewelry

by Barbara Rosol. (Irwin, PA) One of the most exciting thing about selling jewelry at craft shows or events is setting up your display. There are so many different ways to show off accentuate your best pieces and that’s to use risers or homemade displays. I use a 10 x 10 tent space for my […]

Are Kraft Boxes Sturdy Enough for Shipping and Storing Jewelry?

by N.B. Hello JMJ family, recently I regained the desire to start crafting jewelry again. I am also thinking of selling it; and I was curious about packaging. I read the post about packaging and branding and I noticed many of you use the Kraft box jewelry packaging and were very creative with them. My […]

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