Up-Cycled Spoon Necklace

by Jamie. (Encampment, Wyoming USA) I love to up-cycle various forms of jewelry components with different metals. I used the shank portion of this spoon for something different and had the leftover spoon to create with. I up-cycled the center piece from a friend who gave me a worn out bracelet. I have had several […]

Copper Coil Pendant

by Carol Wilson. (Granger, Texas USA) I love spirals, coils, swirls and the like. I bought my copper at a hardware store and started playing with it. This is what happened. I made it about a year ago, and decided not to seal it, but to let it “age gracefully.” I made the copper neck […]

Tante Anna

by Ann Widner. (United States) This is a photo pendant that I made to wear to my cousin’s memorial service. She died tragically and way too young. I wanted to wear something that symbolized our family. I found a photograph of the first matriarch of our family, my great aunt, Tante Anna, or as we […]

Frilly Freshwater Pearls for Me

by Tamara Summers. (Sarnia, Ontario, Canada) This is a pearl necklace for myself I made a few years ago, but it is a staple in my wardrobe. It is a simple 2-strand design, but the interest is in the variety of shapes and sizes of the pearls. I got some “frilly” looking freshwater pearls, which […]

Copper Cuffs and Slides

by Jamie. (Encampment, Wyoming USA) I am really fascinated with copper and the colors one can achieve. I prefer natural patina methods, as I am severely allergic to ammonia based products. My sons and I wear copper cuffs and scarf slides, so I had a notion to make our own. After a few hours in […]

Woven Copper Wire Pendant with Amazonite Stone

by Pamela Kriner. (At the northern end of the Central Valley, in the great state of California.) I became intrigued with this art when I found a beautiful tiger eye pendant on Etsy (Perfectly Twisted) for my daughter’s graduation. After asking lots of questions, and searching the internet, I purchased a tutorial, I made my […]

Combination of My Loves in Sea Glass

by Em Noll. (Pennsylvania, USA) I am probably a little out of my element, posting my jewelry among all the talented artists on this site. I don’t sell my jewelry and make most of it for my own use or to give as gifts, so when I saw this challenge for Jewelry You Made for […]

Rustic Heart

by Sally Goetsch. (Lacey, Washington USA) I did not create the focal metal heart cutout (although it is on my list to learn). When I saw it online, it screamed “Order me!” So I did. I have added turquoise nuggets, tiny trade beads, a little wire wrapping, and rectangles of … well I’m not quite […]

An Ebay “Oops”

by Melodee Vandenbosch. (Stafford, Virginia USA) This piece is simply strung with “green turquoise” – my ebay win, which is most likely dyed howlite. That’s the “oops” and lesson learned. I loved the color anyway, so made a bracelet with sterling silver end caps and and sterling silver toggle clasp. I think this is one […]

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