Upcycled Spoon Racks

by Debra Procter. (Brantford, Ontario, Canada) I bought my first spoon rack case at a thrift store when I was looking for shelving for my shop. I wasn’t sure how I was going to use it to display my jewellery but couldn’t resist it! I came across the little wire Christmas ornament hooks and knew […]

Refurbished Items for Jewelry Display

by Cathy Abernathy. (Niceville, Florida USA) The suitcase was refurbished from a salesman’s sample cloths display. I made the bracelet display padding out of white shelf liner, the foot display was painted skin tone, the boot jewelry is on my boot with hooks from a hardware store. The necklace display is on a burlap canvas […]

My Handcrafted Jewelry Packaging

by Sarah Kelleher. (Arkansas USA) I make my own gift boxes and earring cards. The boxes and cards start from the brown paper bag colored card stock. I cut the paper down and I use die cuts to cut the butterflies out of turquoise cardstock. Use double sided tape to hold them all together. My […]

Elegant Black & White Display

by Lori Huffman. (North Richland Hills, Texas (Ft. Worth)) I chose to use black and white to compliment my jewelry. This display included four six foot tables with floor length black table cloths, black velvet display busts and jewelry trays, as well as necklace and bracelet bars made of black velvet. I have three black […]

Husband’s Handmade Display

by Jennifer McBride. (Port Angeles, Washington USA) When I first started making jewelry my husband decided to make this because I didn’t have anywhere to put my finished pieces. He bought some supplies and it’s been holding jewelry ever since. Jennifer McBride Jen’s Crafty Creations Jen’s Crafty Creations on Facebook

My Ever Evolving Display

by Susan Verdecchia. (Thomson, Georgia USA) I think I’ve finally done it. Over the last three years, I have struggled with making my display interesting and professional, and also functional. I usually attend a Saturday market in beautiful downtown Augusta, GA, on the Riverwalk at the Savannah River. This market supports artists strongly and the […]

Visual Merchandising: Display by Colour

by Annette Piper. (Australia) My set up at shows varies dramatically depending on the space available and the traffic flow. But the one constant that I have followed is displaying my jewellery by colour, and specifically from light to dark. I was told by a visual merchandiser some years ago that people will shop from […]

Nifty Notebook Display

by Brenda Cowans. (Tennessee, USA) I had made some bottlecap earrings (sports teams) and something not too big. One of my co-workers had given me some notebook binders that were headed to the trash bin. We first thought about taping, ugh too tacky. Next we paper clipped only across the top of the binder, finally […]

Wizard of OZ Wind Resistant Display

by Cyreathia Reyer. (Wamego, Kansas USA) This is my set up for the 2014 OztoberFest – our local event held every year themed around the Wizard of OZ movie. Being in northeast Kansas, my display set up is always wind proof. I have battled 50 mph winds at this show as well as my April […]

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