Copper Rainbow Necklace

by Sarah Reid. (Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada) I was in the mood for color when I created this necklace. After a long winter of making lots of darker and neutral colored jewelry I wanted to see a pop of color. I was also itching to use some of my copper findings. I wire wrapped each […]

Original Art Mosaic Pendants

by Lynn Edwards. (Dallas, Georgia USA) As a collage/mixed media artist, I hand paint most of my own art papers. So I end up with boxes of leftover paper scraps. This past spring I began using some of these scraps to make pendants. The process is extremely exacting and tedious; it can take me as […]

Venice in Summer

by Julie Vansevenant. (Belgium) On a very rainy day in Belgium, I decided to add some color to my day and to chase the clouds away. While I chose the beads for the pair of earrings I wanted to make, I was thinking of our trip to Venice a few years ago. The colorfull island […]

Paper Napkin Collage Cuff

by Arriel Goodwin. (Matthews, North Carolina USA) I designed this one-of-a-kind cuff bracelet from a cocktail paper napkin. I gravitate towards colors in my design and this was the perfect fit. The base is a lightweight aluminum. I also hand-painted some additional color around the design to add texture and depth. I really love the […]

Rainforest Radiance

by Tamara Summers. (Sarnia, Ontario, Canada) These are 2 brooch and ring sets. They were going to be necklaces, but I ended up feeling that they were better as pins. They are 3″ across, plus extra where the embellishments extend out. The bases are 2 wooden discs that are open in the middle. I started […]

Crystal Glamour

by Ruhia Sadiq. (Pune, India) The beautiful pastel and deep maroon colors of the crystals look absolutely glamorous against the bright silver, and I paired it with earring hooks with just a touch of antique polish. Ruhia Sadiq PisceanCreations at Facebook Piscean Creations Blog

Farmer’s Market Necklace

by Sarah Reid. (Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada) I made this necklace during the holiday season last year. I followed a color palette provided by a jewelry magazine as I was going to submit the necklace for consideration for their upcoming issue. The highlight of the piece is the hand made pottery bird pendant. I saw […]

Summer Bouquet

by Jennifer LaVite. (Joplin, Missouri USA) This jewelry set was inspired by the bright colors of the resin flowers. I clustered them on filigrees and added sparkly crystals. For the necklace, I wire wrapped crystals to form the chain. I added cloisonne butterflies to the earrings and the necklace pendant. I wish my flower garden […]

Lots of Color: Indian Bead Soup

by Divya N. (Chennai, India) As an Indian, I cannot imagine jewelry without colors. So here are some of my bright, cheery and colorful pieces. The first is a bead soup inspired piece with glass beads and resin dichroic focals in complementary colors. The second is a mixed media piece with a painted metals focal. […]

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