Turtle at the Beach

by Lisa Dossey. (United States) When I make jewelry, I usually like to have a theme behind it. I live near Virginia Beach so Nautical jewelry has been very popular. I really wanted to add shells to this one but decided not to introduce another color. I used Aluminum for the base of the pendant […]

Ocean Gems Necklace

by Joy Jones. (Washington DC, USA) Cruise/resort Jewelry is something I’ve always admired on vacation but never thought about making. When I saw these pretty sliced shells at a local craft store I was inspired to pair them with a large dyed mother-of pearl pendant, gold rounds, Swarovski Crystal Copper “Graphic” beads, dyed freshwater pearls […]

Tropical Treasure

by Sarah Reid. (Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada) These antique brass bumpy starfish were my inspiration for this summery, “Fun in the Sun”, necklace. I added a cascade of chain with bead dangles that represent the ocean. I used two of my favorite summer colors, seafoam green and coral and I blended the beads to create […]

By The Sea

by Esther Weiss. (Potomac, Maryland USA) I love all things turquoise and blue, as well as sea glass. To make a necklace that can be worn long or doubled without being too heavy I combined the bigger beads with seed beads and lightweight coco nut heishis. This necklace now reminds me of a walk on […]

Fancy Flower Dangle Earrings

by Kathi Houston. (Suffolk, Virginia USA) I began making these fun flower earrings after a long road trip. I was inspired by all the summer wild flowers that lined the middle of the interstate for miles upon miles; all the bright colors and mixtures of shapes and sizes helped to get the creative juices flowing. […]

Sand Between My Toes

by Patti Adcock. (United States) This is the first piece I have ever displayed publicly, other than wearing it myself. I just took the leap into starting my own handmade jewelry business, and it’s been slow-going. I found the sea star on clearance at a local hobby store, and I love anything “ocean”. So I […]

Coral Collar Creation: My First Jewelry Challenge

by Alla Abato. (Cape Coral, Florida USA) After purchasing a new summer outfit, I realized that I didn’t have jewelry to match. While visiting a craft store, I saw a Glass Bead Box containing beautiful beads of matching colors, and my jewelry making journey had begun. After hours of searching the Internet, a necklace based […]

Fruit Salad Bangle: This Apple Didn’t Fall Far From the Tree

by Janine Gerade. (Holliston, Massachusetts USA) My 4 year old strung these bright colored beads onto stretchy clear string. I am teaching her how to make knots next. She really shows an interest in designing jewelry just like mommy!! Janine Gerade Janinedesign jewelry

Lakeside Inspiration

by Mary Madigan- Gugliuzza. (United States) So, I retired from the Police Force in December after 33 yrs of service…I have been making jewelry for a long time but giving it all away. So after I retired I decided to start a business and am now selling my wares. Actually, this Wednesday will be my […]

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