Chainmaille for Men: Japanese Bracelet

by Sarah Pirtle. (El Paso, Texas USA) I started making chainmaille jewelry when my husband was in Korea for a year with the Army. It was therapy for me. Since it was a new craft I had started, I wanted my husband to see my handiwork, so I started on a project for him. It […]

Strong Hema & Hemp

by Teresa Dison. This piece was made using hemp with and without a strand of glitter hemp, a cross and hemalyke. I just wanted to make this piece to see how my son and husband would say about it before I make a larger one. Teresa Dison

Byzantine Lattice Cuff & Other Cool Men’s Stuff

by Richard Yodis. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA) So much of my work is versatile enough to be worn by men and women, but I’ve been finding that men (in my experience, anyway) are somewhat hesitant to be caught browsing jewelry if they don’t see a confirmation that it’s made for men. Even assuring them 75% of […]

Bullet Shell Jewelry for Men

by Virginia L Vivier. (Sunny & Warm Tucson, Arizona USA) My neighbor gives me all his “spent” bullet shells and I like to make something with them. I cut the end off of the bullet shell, drill a hole in the side and then wrap sterling silver wire around the shell. Guys really go for […]

Lucky Ring

by Jackie Reid. (Chapel Hill, North Carolina USA) I designed this ring for my brother. A while back, he confiscated (with permission) one of my copper band rings. I was just starting with sheet metal at the time so it was just ok, but he loved it. Since then he told me he lost it […]

Men’s Hardware Keyring

by Joy Jones. (Washington DC, USA) I got the idea for this keyring while shopping for lamp parts at my local hardware store. The base is a brass lamp nipple. Then I attached brass washers (screwed on and secured with instant glue) and capped the end washers with steel fender washers for contrast. The end […]

Ben’s Trophy Necklace

by Cathy Abernathy, “Cat”. (Niceville, Florida USA) My son, the hunter, gave me this wild turkey spur to do something with, so I did this for his Birthday. The spur had a natural hole going thru it on the sides so I cleaned them up a bit and inserted an eyelet on each side for […]

Silver Lightening Strike

by Christine Newman. (Nottingham, United Kingdom) This mans ring is made from sterling silver. My initial thoughts for this ring were based around a lightning bolt but as I started making it, it just evolved into this z-shape ring. It is polished to a high shine and although looks sharp, it is soft and comfortable […]

Shawn’s Initial Necklace

by Dyanne Everett-Cantrell. (Van Buren, Arkansas, United States) This necklace is made with Heishi shell and Puka shell beads, The colors are black, white, and sapphire blue. I used small silver spacer beads and some really kewl spiked spacer beads. The necklace is 18 inches long and strung on jewelry wire for durability. The charm […]

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