Ozark Autumn

by Nancy Vaughan. (San Diego, California, USA) My muse:  Photo 1 – Red Leaves Recently I decided I wanted to learn how to make ear cuffs. I understood the basic concept but wanted to see how the cuffs were formed. I spent some time on line looking information and found several sources that answered most […]

The First Frost of Autumn

by Lilly. (New Jersey, USA) My Muse: Photo 1 – Red Leaves I can’t say I don’t like autumn, but it’s my least favorite season. Love the colors though. When I saw the first picture I instantly thought about a poem and my gray fresh water pearls. The poem “The fist frost of Autumn” by […]

Blue Jeans Bohemia

by Lilly. (New Jersey, USA) My Muse: Photo 4 – Prague, Czech Republic This one is my old piece, created a few months ago when I started my joyful journey making jewelry. I really like this necklace. It has this free spirit feel to it. It goes with everything and always shines. I hope you […]

Inspired Custom Design for an Indian Bride

by Meena. (Bemidji, Minnesota) My Muse: Photo 4 – Prague, Czech Republic This pix of Prague looks so similar to Palaces with high arches, bright colored flags, Lights glowing and celebrations. 3 days back when I got a Custom Order for a Bride, this pix inspired me to create New Jewelry Set for the Bride. […]

First Foldings

by Christine O’Connell. (Montreal, Quebec Canada) I had been studying at Sterling Quest in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for almost three months when I made these earrings. Foldforming had been on my list of techniques to learn and time was running out. So, after looking through the books in the studio, studying images of […]

Autumn Harvest

by Heather Otto. (Texas, USA) I love autumn. It’s truly my favorite season, and living now in the South, I often long for the cool crisp days, the smell of pine and cinnamon in the air, and the best part=the changing of the leaves. Every year, I find myself trying to bring home more of […]

Handpainted Natural Leaves

by Lyn Deutsch. (Philippines) Nature and especially leaves have inspired artists, poets, and craftsmen to create beautiful artworks, jewellery, decors and more. I thought why not make real leaves into jewellery pieces. I picked up some leaves from my yard and there are just infinite ideas that came to mind. I handpaint each leaf taking […]

Red Green and Gold

by Christa Leduc. (Bermuda) The red and green colours of the Unakite remind me of when the leaves start changing their colour and just some green is left reminding us that Fall is on it’s way. The Unakite is a 40x30mm cab, I wire-wrapped in 14K gold-filled wire adding the golden color of Fall to […]

Autumn Red Inspired

by Dennise Larson. (Washougal, Washington, USA) My Muse: Photo 1 – Red Leaves This piece shows off the beautiful Fall red seen in the leaves. I constructed the asymetrical necklace using multiple strands of stringing material. The focal is a beautiful tagua seed dyed red. Surrounding it are beads from all over the world, interspersed […]

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