How to Find Students for Chainmaille Classes?

by Tara. (Ontario, Canada) Hi I am a chainmaille artist who would like to expand and teach classes. I had done a few at a local bead store to great success but subsequently moved out of that area and have to start fresh. There is no craft/bead store in my area now. Any ideas on […]

Make a Price List for Your Jewelry Making Parties

by Rena Klingenberg. When you offer jewelry making parties, it’s handy to have a price list for customers to see what kinds of projects are available to them, and the price of each piece they make. Here’s what my jewelry making party price list looks like. I’ve blanked out the prices since you’ll need to […]

Teaching Children’s Beading Classes

by Abigail. (South Africa) For a while now I have been thinking about having children’s beading classes while mom and dad are shopping perhaps 2 – 3 hours. Where I attend beading classes, they do have the same, only thing is they don’t advertise, it’s not their primary focus. They focus on the adult beading […]

Teaching Jewelry Making to Groups with Various Skill Levels

by Beth Millner. (Marquette, Michigan USA) I have recently started teaching workshops at a local bead store. The workshop that I am teaching covers basic wire working techniques such as a basic loop, a wrapped loop and how to make a pair of earrings (head pin, beads, store bought earring hook). I have only taught […]

Teaching My Design

by Rebekah. (New Zealand) Hi! I was at a local bead shop the other day picking up materials for a couple of commissioned pieces, and one of the staff noticed that I was wearing one of my own creations. She asked me to get in touch if I was interested in either teaching the technique […]

Tool Kits for Jewelry Making Workshops

by Lynda. (Eagles Mere, Pennsylvania USA) For jewelry making workshops, should I include tool kits in the price or let them just use the tools? Do I need to have tools for each person or can they share some of the tools? For instance, if we are making ear wires do I need to have […]

Teach Jewelry Classes with “Something Extra”

by Michelle Buettner. When teaching jewelry classes, one important asset that allows you to stand out from another instructor who may be teaching a similar class, is your ability to give your students “more”. Just like going the extra mile and providing exceptional customer service when you sell your jewelry online, at trade shows, at […]

What’s the Best Way to Structure Jewelry Classes?

by Marlene Hoffman. (North Hollywood, California USA) Hi all, I’ve been asked to teach classes in my local bead store. While I’ve been making jewelry for several years now, I do not consider myself an expert. My question primarily is how to structure the class. It’s a 2-hour session covering (in separate sessions) basic beading, […]

Eight Year Old Boys Birthday Jewellery Party

by Linda Correll. (Sydney, Australia) Hello, My name is Linda and I live in Sydney Australia. I have been making jewellery for just over a year now. I have been trying to figure out which way would be the best way for me to sell my jewellery. My grandson will be turning eight next month […]

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