Hand Colored Polymer Clay Leaves Earrings

by Jackie Bessner. (Upper Michigan) I’m polymer clay artist Jackie Bessner, and I created these handmade clay leaves from a mold of a real leaf. I had so much fun making these I did a ladies night out and wine tasting event and each guest made a pair of leaf earrings and a matching pendant. […]

Teaching Classes and Having Fun!

by Phyllis Churchill. (Deltona, Florida USA) I am a crafter, and I sell at craft shows and biker (motorcycle) shows, where I sell my jewelry and other beaded items, almost every weekend. At this last show I made a simple flyer offering to teach people how to make their own beaded jewelry, bracelets, or necklaces, […]

How Do I Start a Beading Group?

by Fran. (USA) I was wondering if you had any suggestions for starting a beading (jewelry makers) group? I can’t seem to find anything on the web. I am an instructor at Joann Fabrics and some of my students want to get together and exchange ideas. Any suggestions? Fran

Teaching And Selling: A conflict of interests?

by Ruth. (The Netherlands) I am preparing to start turning my jewellery hobby into a business and am thinking about the possibility of running classes and selling kits with tutorials as well as selling my own work. But I am wondering whether this would be a conflict of interests. Would having people become enthusiastic about […]

Jewelry Making in “the zone” Reduces Stress

by Janine Gerade. (Holliston, Massachusetts USA) In this busy world of texting, deadlines, bills, kids, appointments how do we unwind? There have been studies that show sitting down to a quiet craft can help. I find that when I am doing repetitive steps or concentrating on a beading pattern I wind up in the “zone”.  […]

Thanksgiving Jewelry Craft – Educational & Fun!

by Rena Klingenberg. This Thanksgiving jewelry craft is a perfect activity for elementary school students or homeschool students. (Or for anybody who enjoys history and beading!) How This Idea Got Started: I led this Thanksgiving craft project at my son’s elementary school for several years, and it was a big hit with students and teachers. […]

Putting Together Kits for Beading Parties

by Rena Klingenberg. For beading parties, I found that the party moves along better if the participants can choose from “kits” to work with, instead of choosing each individual bead themselves. (Some people can take an hour or longer to choose the beads for a pair of earrings, which can really slow down a jewelry […]

Senior Friendly Jewelry Crafts: Any ideas?

by Sarah R. (Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada) I have volunteered to teach a jewelry craft to a local seniors group. I am looking for project suggestions. The project would have to be cost effective as I am donating the supplies but also be easy for a senior to do. For example;  no small beads. Anyone […]

How Many Students Can You Have and Give Them Individual Instruction

by Linda. (Baltimore, Maryland, USA) I am teaching senior citizens. How many can I have in the class in order to give individual attention? Linda Comments: Optimum Group Size by: Margaret When running any kind of group where you want interaction, the rule of thumb is 8 to 10. No more than 10 people, I […]

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