Jewelry Business Accounting and Taxes

by Rena Klingenberg. Accounting and taxes for a jewelry business can be confusing and scary for creative people. I’m NOT a lawyer or an accountant, so please note that while I’ve researched this information carefully, none of the information in this website is intended to be legal or financial advice. Please use your own good […]

My Passion, Wire Wrapping and Stones

by Victoria. (Mishawaka, Indiana) I learned to do wire wrap jewelry several years ago, but did little with it until I moved to Arizona. I realized that I was living in an area that was a literal treasure trove of gems and minerals that could be made into beautiful pieces of jewelry, ideal for wire […]

How Can I Start a Jewelry Business When I Can’t Make Jewelry?

by Zaina. (Toronto) I am a recent MBA graduate from the finance industry. I graduated 7 months ago and have been applying for banking jobs but landing absolutely nothing. I was always inclined to be a stylist and designer, but was pressured away towards a ‘stable and sure income’. Not so stable today. I absolutely […]

17 Years Old and Starting My New Jewelry Business!

by Mckenzie Hartwell. (New Hampshire) Hi, my name is Mckenzie. I am a new artist who originally started jewelry making for a class project and grew a passion for it. At the age of 17, it is very hard for me to enter my work into any online sites for selling. So currently I am […]

My Children Boosted My Jewelry Business

by Linda Maria Santiago. (Miami Florida) My name is Linda. I am originally from Puerto Rico but I live in Miami. Jewelry making, (or Bisuteria, as they say in my country) has always been my passion. I have always loved creating. I recently developed a curiosity for crochet. So I decided to combine it with […]

How to Start Over After Losing Everything?

by Sarah R. (Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada) Tragedy recently struck in our community and we lost our home to a wildfire known as “The Beast”. Along with our home and vehicles my entire jewelry business also succumbed. I feel like a part of me is missing and I want to get back to creating but […]

Getting Requests for My Jewelry, but Not Sure Where to Start My Business

by jasmine king. I am working on starting a jewelry business. I am terrified! I finally know what to do with my life, but I’m a little intimidated. My background is art. I got into jewelry making a little over a year ago and although I am relatively inexperienced I seem to receive a lot […]

New Jewelry Business: Sell, Buy, Make, Repeat ….

by David. (Durham, NC) I recently retired and began jewelry making a few months ago. I understand that I will need seed money to buy tools and materials, so that’s done. My immediate goal is to get to the point of reinvesting all sales back into buying more materials, and keep this cycle going. Hopefully […]

Off to a Good Start – But Then Overwhelmed and Exhausted

by Sherry. (Edmonton, Canada) I am feeling so discouraged about my new, almost-but-not-quite jewellery business. I LOVE making jewellery, and since I am allergic to most metals, it makes sense to me to try to find homes for the 250+ and growing finished pieces I have. I have a Facebook page, a very basic web […]

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