Wholesaling / Consigning

Tips for selling jewelry wholesale and on consignment through shops and galleries. Strategies for production, marketing, pricing, and record-keeping in the jewelry business-to-business world.

Jewelry in Glass Case in a Clothing Store – How to Make More Sales?

by Alicia Toppin. I have my jewelry on display in a clothing store here in Malaysia (photo 1 above). The management is hiring sales girls to take care of my jewelry. My glass display is only 2 feet wide, 2 feet deep, 10.5 inches tall (photo 2 above). Inside the glass display, I have necklaces […]

Jewelry Consignment Checklist

by Rena Klingenberg. Here’s a jewelry consignment checklist to guide you step-by-step through selling your handmade jewelry on consignment via shops and galleries. These steps should guide you safely through the process of finding the best shops or galleries for your work, approaching them with your jewelry, reducing your risk, getting paid fairly for your […]

Jewelry Consignment Percentage

Splitting the Proceeds Fairly Between the Artist and the Shop or Gallery by Rena Klingenberg. What’s a reasonable jewelry consignment percentage when selling your work through a shop or gallery? In other words, how much of the proceeds from the jewelry sale should go to the artist, and how much to the shop? It’s a […]

First Time Wholesaling to Shops

by Alana Jones. (Mooroolbark Victoria Australia) Seeking the advise of experts: Can anyone tell me what the best way is to sell your creations wholesale; how do you set up your pricing etc? I haven’t really done wholesaling yet and need your advice. I am excited as I have had a store ask me to […]

Gallery Wants to Trade Out My Jewelry for Different Pieces

by Shelagh Blatz. (Priddis, Alberta, Canada) I have been doing shows for about 5 years and have a fantastic booth. I ordered your jewelry show book and its confirming a lot and also teaching me new things. I also sell wholesale to stores/galleries and do some consignment in art galleries. I also sell off my […]

Getting To The Boutique’s Owner

by Marilyn. (Commute Between UT & FL regularly) I have been making jewelry since 1991, long before beading became widely popular. At first it was just a fun hobby I took up using only plastic, glass and base metal materials to enjoy during my spare time (what little of it I had while rasing two […]

Consignment Percentage for Jewelry in Salons

When consigning jewelry to a salon what is the customary percentage paid to the owner of the salon? Answer: Consignment Split with a Salon Owner by Rena Klingenberg A beauty salon can be a good place to sell your jewelry. Salon customers tend to be interested in fashion and accessories, and the relationship that beauticians […]

Jewelry Consignment Agreement

by Rena Klingenberg. A good jewelry consignment agreement is essential when you sell your work on consignment through shops and galleries. Most shops and galleries provide their own consignment contracts. But you may want to supply your own. Sample Consignment Contracts Here are a few sample consignment agreements you can check out: Consignment agreement example […]

Consigning Jewelry to Shops and Galleries

 Pros and Cons by Rena Klingenberg. Consigning jewelry to a shop or gallery means that you’re transferring your pieces to a retailer who will act as your sales agent. As the artist, you retain the legal ownership of everything you consign to the shop or gallery until it is sold. When the shop sells your […]

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