Wholesaling / Consigning

Tips for selling jewelry wholesale and on consignment through shops and galleries. Strategies for production, marketing, pricing, and record-keeping in the jewelry business-to-business world.

What’s the Truth About Gallery Consignment?

by Rhianne Newlahnd. (Sedona Arizona, USA) I recently saw an article here about consignment. I was asked to show my jewelry in a gallery. When I went to talk about the deal, I was told that they would triple the price of my goods , which means a $300 piece to me would sell for […]

Displaying Jewelry in a Gallery: How Do We Avoid Theft?

by Nancy Bailey. (United States) We have our jewelry in a local gallery, and each month we showcase an artist in the gallery. We have a corner set up where we display their work. The gallery owner wants to showcase our work in April, but we are having a tough time trying to come up […]

When is a Good Time to Approach Stores and Boutiques?

by Gretchen Shea I’m getting ready to approach a few local stores. Is there a time of year that is best? Is Jan. or Feb. a good time? Or are they catching their breath from the Christmas rush? Gretchen Shea

Negotiating with Shops: Any Tips?

by Ariel. As someone who is housebound and wheelchair bound, I am always having to ask others to show my things for me. And I am wanting to get more of my things in shops. In the past my dealing with consignment at shops has been less than satisfactory. Slow payment and high consignment rates. […]

Ready to Contact Retailers to Sell My Jewelry

by Dawn Hook. (Spalding. Lincolnshire United Kingdom) I am really keen to have some local Retailers sell my Jewellery. Does anyone have any experience of approaching Retailers, did you make an appointment or just walk in? Do you supply your own display cabinet? How do you show your jewellery in the first instance? Did you […]

How to Make a Jewelry Lookbook?

by Brittni. Hello, I need help on creating my jewelry lines look book to add to my buyers packet, for when I am pitching my products to stores. Thank you. Brittni

Buying Wholesale

by Beth. (Lincoln, Vermont USA) I am interested in starting to purchase beads wholesale and begin the the process of selling my work. Any recommendations for reputable sites or how to go about it? Are their wholesale bead shows to go to? Any help would be great. Bet Comments: Where To Get Them Beads by: […]

How Do I Bar Code My Wholesale Stuff?

by Allison. (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA) Quick question. I have a wholesale customer who wants me to apply bar code labels to my jewelry. I’ve done some bar coding, but I’m not sure how to handle this request. Has anyone had to do this? If so, would you please share how you did it? Allison Stem

Jewelry Consignment Checklist

by Rena Klingenberg. Here’s a jewelry consignment checklist to guide you step-by-step through selling your handmade jewelry on consignment via shops and galleries. These steps should guide you safely through the process of finding the best shops or galleries for your work, approaching them with your jewelry, reducing your risk, getting paid fairly for your […]

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