Wholesaling / Consigning

Tips for selling jewelry wholesale and on consignment through shops and galleries. Strategies for production, marketing, pricing, and record-keeping in the jewelry business-to-business world.

Consigning Jewelry – Are My Sales Good or Slow?

by Irene. I just launched my jewelry business a couple of months ago. I was approached by my yoga studio to sell my malas and spiritual bracelets, earrings on consignment. I said yes and suggested a 60/40 split. In three weeks, 1 mala, 1 set of earrings, and 2 bracelets sold. I am wondering if […]

How to Find Jewelry Sales Reps?

by DeeAnn Elizabeth Pavlick. (Pennsylvania) Hello, my name is DeeAnn Elizabeth. I have been a designer since I was 24 and I am now 56. I have been selling on my own all these years and very wrapped up now in being an author and hospice nurse. I am looking for a sales rep to […]

Help – Starting a Jewelry Business Right Out of High School

by Dan. (Pueblo) I’ve recently become interested in a career in jewelry after attending a course at my local community college. I’ve also just recently graduated high school, so I’m looking to start making and selling pieces to get more experience. Currently I only have the capacity to make wire wrap rings and the like. […]

Gallery Requested a “Pick Box” – What Is It, and How Should I Handle It?

by Darlene. (Anchorage, Alaska) I came across something new today after pitching wholesale to a gallery who had expressed interest in carrying my handmade jewelry. She asked if I do a “pick box” which I assume means that I send her a box of jewelry that she can choose from. She is located several hours […]

I Hate How Consignment Shop Displays My Jewelry

by Amanda. (Akron, New York USA) I don’t know how to go about talking to the owner of the consignment shop where I have my jewelry about my display. I hate it. It’s messy and cluttered with other sellers jewelry. She is a really friendly and helpful owner but I don’t want to insult her. […]

Supplier Doesn’t Sell the Beads I Need

by Crissey. I just found out that my supplier no longer carries the beads I need for wholesale line that I’m working on. They have similar products, but they may be a shade or two different than what I have been using. However, the alternatives are more appropriate for the look I’m going for. How […]

Questions on Purchasing for Wholesale Sales

by Amy. (Jackson, Tennessee USA) I am thinking of making the leap into selling my jewelry wholesale to boutiques. I have only been making jewelry for a little over a year and have great reviews from clients, from the boutiques I work with (but they are consignment & I don’t want to do that any […]

Can I Insure Consigned Items Myself?

by Kate. A new consignment shop is opening up and I’ve been offered pretty generous rental terms. Just got the contract today, which clearly specifies that the shop assumes no liability in the event of a break-in, damage, and so forth, and goes on to state, in writing, that the shop contents (any jewelry I […]

I Want to Stop Consignments

by Shawn McVey. (Sacramento, California USA) Thanks so much for your insight on consignment. I’ve been making jewelry for at least 20 years. I sell  in boutiques myself (no rep involved). What I’ve noticed is store owners will only do consignment with local artisans like myself vs. buying the jewelry wholesale. However, they will buy […]

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