Love Me Do! Heart Pendants

by Erinn LaMattery. (Japan) Although I’m behind on my Valentine’s Day line, I finally got some statement Love Me Do heart pendants finished off, and am so happy with how they turned out. These have at least 10 steps from start to finish, if not more, starting with a coil of wire and ending with […]

How Are You Using Instagram for Your Jewelry Business?

by Carla Krae. (California) Is Instagram a good place for sharing jewelry and building business? I’m a recent smart phone adopter, so I don’t have an account and have only viewed links to Instagram before. What is everyone doing, and how are you using Instagram for your jewelry business? Carla Krae Willowick Arts

Found My Jewelry Path

by Cheryl Clarke. (Atlanta, Georgia USA) My name is Cheryl Clarke with Answer Your Dream Jewelry. I design inspirational jewelry for dreamers. I just launched a website a few weeks ago and I’m still excited about that…I have a website! Me! I was so nervous when I launched it. If there is anyone out there who may […]

Bead Identities: How do I find them?

by Gail. (Tennessee USA) When I started collecting beads and gemstones I knew nothing about jewelry, wasn’t even making jewelry. I simply bought what pleased my eye. So I have beads/gemstones I don’t have names for. Now that I know more and am creating jewelry, I want to open an Etsy store to sell my […]

Using Paypal’s Cool Free Tool

by Lynda Carson. (Spring Valley, California USA) I’ve had a Paypal account for a while now…using it to make purchases and also to sell jewelry from my Etsy shop. When I’d receive inquiries on my blog about purchasing a piece, I’d always thought I’d first need to create and pay for a reserved listing on […]

Selling Online vs. In Person

by A. Nicola. (Miami, Florida USA) Hi, I’m new to the jewelry showing” scene…I’ve been fussing with wire for years now, and have finally nailed down some techniques that I am happy with, and feel are worth displaying. I’ve put up a website, Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest, and have a store on Etsy! Not too […]

A New Commission Because of Facebook

by Zoraida. (Patchogue, New York USA) Since I’ve recently become obsessed with metalwork involving cold connections, my next step was to incorporate beads or stones. I’ve just found a way to do just that in this pendant. I used a green Agate bead that seems to be bursting out of its stamped brass surrounding. It […]

Need Advise for A Strong Online Jewelry Presence

by Jeanne. I used to do 40 craft shows a year for 20 years with my mom as my “hook”. When she passed 4 years ago (101 Years) I lost my enthusiasm for the shows and decided to put my work on line. I would love to be able to have a great on line […]

How to Handle Shipping & Handling: Need Suggestions Please

by Jennifer. I’m in the process of setting up shop on Etsy with my jewelry and other accessories, but what’s stalling me is all the confusion on shipping and handling methods. I’m torn between USPS First Class and Priority. I’ve already ordered the free Priority Flat Rate boxes and envelopes, but because of it being […]

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