Pricing tips for turning an honest profit from your handcrafted jewelry creations.

New, Improved Signing for Jewelry Prices

by Linda Harrison. (United States) Signing my items has sometimes been a challenge. I don’t care for those string tags because they hang from merchandise and sometimes look tacky. I used to make just a folding cardboard sign from cardstock, but they don’t last long. I also used to make signs and laminate, but if […]

Selling Pricey Jewelry vs. Bargain Jewelry

by Pamela Dudrow. Recently I had an experience that I’d like to share. I create jewelry and sell at a price I think is a good retail price; taking into consideration how much time I’ve put into each piece, and addressing the current popularity of the technique I use. Okay, it’s pricey! I recently attended […]

How to Cost Jewelry Made with Seed Beads?

by Horatia Henderson. I would like to sell jewellery I have made with seed beads, but am wondering how best to cost an item? Do I go by weight of seed beads used? Or is it better to count the seed beads used? Obviously counting will take a lot of time but my weighing scales […]

How Do I Price a Custom Piece Request from a Jewelry Store?

by Angelique Joseph. (Connecticut) I have been making jewelry on and off for a few years now. I got back into it recently to supplement my income and grow it into a business. A friend of mine saw one of my pieces and became interested in selling some of it in her store. Recently, a […]

Am I Pricing Jewelry Right or Wrong?

by Jane Petersen. (Madison, WI) I’m in my third year of selling jewelry, and all of a sudden I am questioning how I price jewelry to sell. Usually, I base my price on my costs of supplies and follow the pricing formula I have learned here. Then I wondered if I should continue to base […]

Pricing Challenge for a Custom Pendant

by Virginia Vivier. (Tucson, Arizona USA) “I recently received an unusual “custom” request to enlarge one of my pendants to 4 inches in diameter! Whoa Nellie! At first, my instinct was to say “no” since the customer could return it if she didn’t like it. Then, I would be out $$$ for expensive materials, plus […]

To Price or Not to Price…?

by Rosanna Ferrazzi. (United Kingdom) This might sound a bit nuts, but I have never put prices on my jewellery. I sell a lot of eclectically chosen pieces. Some I have made and some not, some vintage, secondhand, etc. A mixed bag and I have found that people always manage to find something in their […]

My Jewelry Pricing Confidence Conundrum

by Stacey Danevicz. (Michigan USA) I have been making jewelry for about nine years now, and was completely shocked to find I was not only interested in it, but that I could sell my pieces quite easily to friends and family, and even the general public. After a lot of initial encouragement, I quickly entered […]

How Do You See the Value in Your Work?

by Amanda. (Ontario Canada) I’ve just started the idea of selling my macrame jewelry, the problem is the time it takes! I’m as fast as I’m going to get, and I try to be as time-effective as possible. The problem is with my speed, even something simple like a pendant takes about 3 hours. I’m […]

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