Photographing Jewelry

Tips for photographing jewelry with scanners and digital cameras for professional looking photos. Easy tips for using photo editing software for the finishing touch on your jewelry photos.

Using a Scanner to Photograph Jewelry – What to Do About Dark Photos?

Thank you so much for your helpful article on using a scanner to photograph jewelry. I was about to give up on getting good pictures of my jewelry with a digital camera after spending hours and hours trying (and failing) to get good photos. The scanner is so much easier and foolproof! I do have […]

I Became The Photographer, The Photographer Became the Model

by Janine. (Holliston, Massachusetts USA) A friend of mine takes great photos. She loves my jewelry and suggested one day that we should go out and take photos of it. She volunteered to become my model. It was so much fun I don’t think she felt odd about being in front of the camera! She […]

Shell Stretch Bracelet

by Twiggy. (Vancouver WA) This is a stretch bracelet made from double drilled shell sticks and glass seed beads. Nothing fancy. I set them up on a light box I created using a frosted piece of glass over a clear tupperware box and placed a light bulb at the top. I used silk grapes and […]

How to Use Scanners for Photographing Jewelry

© by Rena Klingenberg; all rights reserved. I’ve found that using scanners for photographing jewelry can be an easy way to get pretty good photos of my work. For several years, I shot all of my jewelry photos using an ordinary desktop scanner. It’s fast, easy, and you can get beautiful results. Below, I’ll give […]

Make Your Own Light Box

by Rena Klingenberg. You can make your own light box or photo tent to use with lamps for photographing your jewelry. The light box or tent filters the light, preventing glare and reflections on your jewels. You can buy commercially-made boxes and tents for photographing jewelry, but they can be expensive. A Roundup of Ideas […]

Light Box for Photographing Jewelry

by Pamela Lo Piccolo. (Bella Piazza Hand Crafted Jewelry) When I first starting taking pictures of my jewelry, I was taking the picture too far away and couldn’t quite get the right light. It was time to learn something about all those features on my camera like the Macro feature and White Balance. If your […]

Light Bulbs for Photographing Jewelry

by Rena Klingenberg. Indirect natural light is an ideal lighting for jewelry photos. But when you can’t coordinate the sun with your photo shoot, daylight light bulbs are a good substitute. I’ve been using “Ecosmart” brand 40-watt equivalent Daylight Compact Fluorescent bulbs when I don’t have sunlight. (I don’t have any affiliation with this light […]

Jewelry Photography Success Tips for Your$15 Photo Studio

© by Rena Klingenberg; all rights reserved. Here are some quick jewelry photography success tips for getting the best pictures possible with your homemade $15 photo studio and a digital camera. First, you’ll need to have a digital camera with the right features to get sharp, clear pictures. For features and recommended cameras, see Digital […]

Digital Camera Tips for Photographing Jewelry

© by Rena Klingenberg; all rights reserved. The best digital cameras for photographing jewelry include two important features – a macro mode and a white balance control. These two “tools” are especially important in jewelry photography so you can get super close-up, clear shots and adjust for the color cast of your lighting so you […]

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