Photographing Jewelry

Tips for photographing jewelry with scanners and digital cameras for professional looking photos. Easy tips for using photo editing software for the finishing touch on your jewelry photos.

Natural Props Add Pizazz

by Gloria von Muhlen. (Pembroke, Ontario Canada) Photographing your jewelry well is so important if you want your creation to sell. Indoor lighting can be challenging for a novice photographer, and finding excellent props to enhance your creation can also be tricky. May I suggest photographing outdoors where one has ample lighting and natural props. […]

Is Watermarking Photos Really Necessary?

by Elise Krentzel. I’d like to know if watermarking jewelry photos really makes any sense? I tend to think not. Of course anything can be stolen in this world, from intellectual property to design. The point is, can someone produce it consistently in the same quality and touch. Probably not. What’s your take on it? […]

Beading & Photography: Combining Our Passions

by Marijana Fraska. (Dubrovnik, Croatia) It’s almost real summer here in Dubrovnik, hot and sunny. My husband loves photographing. In only two months I became beadaholic. So, we combined beading and photographing in this picturesque landscape and used the good weather to photograph my new items. Marijana Fraska Armella Mea

Hiring Live Jewelry Models: Need Advice Please

by Kate. (Montana USA) I am considering hiring one or two live models to do a professional photo shoot here in a few months. Does it matter what clothing they wear–can they wear their own? Should I provide outfits, and do I need to get permission from or credit the clothes designers? Obviously we want […]

The Third Eye

by Lynda Carson. (Spring Valley, California USA) I have gotten in the habit of photographing each of the jewelry pieces I make. Not my favorite thing to do, but I have gotten better at it. I do this for several reasons. It’s a record of what I’ve made, not for posterity, but so I can […]

Jewelry Designer

by Rose Fresquez. (Denver, Colorado USA) Visibility of my Jewelry. I have a website now but having a chance for people to see it is been hard. I do well at craft shows but most shows being so expensive, it’s hard to keep my prices reasonable, yet raising them means losing buyers. That’s been quite […]

Photo Idea

by Amy Volchok. (New Jersey USA) One morning a few weeks ago, as I stumbled into my studio contemplating my day ahead, a beautiful red and green leaf was laying there waiting for me. I knew instantly that my husband left it there for me, because this particular one was gorgeous and as a message […]

Build a Tabletop Photography Studio for Your Jewelry

by Andrea Tanner. Starting a jewelry business on a student budget is not ideal, but that’s all I had to work with when starting my dream. I became very creative with my resources. I knew that in a retail business, especially with accessories, appearance is everything. So to make my website look like a serious […]

Trying to Get Good Images of My Jewelry is Difficult and Time Consuming!

by Pam G. (Georgia USA) Hi Rena, Thank you sooo much for this site. I am a jewelry designer and artist. I started creating jewelry many years ago in New York and sold many of my pieces as a vendor and just going into various stores and making sales. Fast forward to the future, I […]

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