Jewelry Business

Jewelry business tips and ideas.

Haggling with Customers be prepared for people who want to bargain

© by Cindy Cherrington; all rights reserved It may come as a surprise, but haggling with customers who want to bargain over your prices is something you will probably have to deal with sometimes when selling your jewelry. I don’t consider myself quick witted or a fast thinker, so I’m not good with surprises or […]

Try a Jewelry Sales Analysis for Your Website or Etsy Shop

by Lisa Weber. (Silver Vine Jewelry) It occurred to me recently that I could have a much better Etsy experience if I listened to what my customers were telling me. My customers’ feedback comments were always very positive, but could their choice of purchase provide some information that might hint at what they wanted?   […]

Starting a Jewelry Business

© by Nina Cooper; all rights reserved Thinking about starting a jewelry business? You’ve been making jewelry for a while. People always stop to compliment your work and ask where you purchased it. Perhaps you’ve already sold a few pieces. Now you’re thinking about taking the next step and turning your hobby into a business. […]

The Accidental Jewelry Business

© by Catherine D’Arcy; all rights reserved Corazon Latino is now a successful online jewellery business. However, it started by accident and had its share of ups and downs along the way. I never planned to start my own business. To be honest, I didn’t have the nerve – but fate, destiny or perhaps just […]

Lousy Pictures of Beautiful Pieces

by Jeanna. (NY) I have a Facebook page for my business and I loved the convenience of uploading mobile pictures. However, I was using an LGEnvy 3 and the pictures were nothing anyone would “envy”. They were blurry and would change the colors of my work drastically. I felt like I needed to label the […]

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