Jewelry Business

Jewelry business tips and ideas.

Starting a Jewelry Business

© by Nina Cooper; all rights reserved Thinking about starting a jewelry business? You’ve been making jewelry for a while. People always stop to compliment your work and ask where you purchased it. Perhaps you’ve already sold a few pieces. Now you’re thinking about taking the next step and turning your hobby into a business. […]

The Accidental Jewelry Business

© by Catherine D’Arcy; all rights reserved Corazon Latino is now a successful online jewellery business. However, it started by accident and had its share of ups and downs along the way. I never planned to start my own business. To be honest, I didn’t have the nerve – but fate, destiny or perhaps just […]

Lousy Pictures of Beautiful Pieces

by Jeanna. (NY) I have a Facebook page for my business and I loved the convenience of uploading mobile pictures. However, I was using an LGEnvy 3 and the pictures were nothing anyone would “envy”. They were blurry and would change the colors of my work drastically. I felt like I needed to label the […]

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