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Help! I Need to Find a “Category” for My Jewelry.

by Lisa Lavado. (Connecticut) I am trying a new marketing approach. I need to find a jewelry category I fit into so that I can better reach my niche. I plan on focusing on my woven pendants. I can do them in different colors, including birthstone colors. I was looking at “casual elegance”, but I’m […]

How to Find Jewelry Sales Reps?

by DeeAnn Elizabeth Pavlick. (Pennsylvania) Hello, my name is DeeAnn Elizabeth. I have been a designer since I was 24 and I am now 56. I have been selling on my own all these years and very wrapped up now in being an author and hospice nurse. I am looking for a sales rep to […]

Artisan Cooperative Workspace – Is There Any Advantage Beyond Exposure?

by Michele Counihan. I recently joined a new artisan cooperative workspace owned by the niece of a former employer. About a month after the opening, she had a designers meeting and told us we each have to pay $125 per quarter in addition to her 25% commission on each sale and fees for table space […]

How to Promote My Jewelry with Easy to Open Closures?

by Lisa Winters-Baldwin. (Phoenix, Arizona) I was so excited to read the posting in your last newsletter called There’s a Big Audience for Jewelry with Easy Open Clasps because I have recently started giving customers options for easy to open clasps in my own Etsy shop. That posting taught me to use the toggle closures […]

Purple Labradorite Necklace

by Tina Murphy. (Kennewick, WA) I fell in Love with the New Purple Labradorite the moment I saw it! A relatively new discovery from Madagascar. Radiant colors of purples, Raspberry and orange are common! This piece is wrapped in Argentium Silver with a long Ethiopian Welo Opal and Amethyst necklace. Capturing the flash of a […]

17 Years Old and Starting My New Jewelry Business!

by Mckenzie Hartwell. (New Hampshire) Hi, my name is Mckenzie. I am a new artist who originally started jewelry making for a class project and grew a passion for it. At the age of 17, it is very hard for me to enter my work into any online sites for selling. So currently I am […]

Ring Stolen from My Booth – What Should I Have Done?

by Joan. I had a ring stolen by a stout short man last Saturday. I saw his hand come out of his pocket, and one of my friends saw him take the ring. I went over to him, he couldn’t talk English very well, but he knew he was caught. I am very trusting with […]

I’m Improving, But I Still Have Questions

by Dan Santersero. (Pueblo, CO) Hey everyone! I made a post here some time ago – Help – Starting a Jewelry Business Right Out of High School. I thought I’d share what I’ve been doing and improved on. I’m still more or less fresh out of high school, and I still don’t have a job. […]

Jewelry Accounting

by Jane Petersen. (Madison, WI) Has anyone ever used the Jewelry Designer Manager or other software for tracking supplies and sales? I use an Excel program, but it has its limitations plus I have no record of what finished product I’ve sold. This program, from what I’ve discerned from their website, uses photos. Is it […]

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