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Jewelry Design to Fund a Non-Profit Organization – How to Find the Person to Pitch It to?

by Rashida Cotton. (Macon, GA) Hello all! I have a jewelry design, and I want to use the profits from the design to help fund an organization to help abused children. Does anyone know who I can pitch this design to? Thank you! Rashida Cotton

How Can I Be More Successful at Jewelry Shows?

by Penelope Worsham. (Northern California) I have been making jewelry for six years, showing it at farmers markets and art and craft boutiques. My jewelry is some beaded, steampunk and eclectic pieces. But, I have not been really successful. I’m sharing some photos of my booth and you can go in close to see the […]

My Passion, Wire Wrapping and Stones

by Victoria. (Mishawaka, Indiana) I learned to do wire wrap jewelry several years ago, but did little with it until I moved to Arizona. I realized that I was living in an area that was a literal treasure trove of gems and minerals that could be made into beautiful pieces of jewelry, ideal for wire […]

How Can I Start a Jewelry Business When I Can’t Make Jewelry?

by Zaina. (Toronto) I am a recent MBA graduate from the finance industry. I graduated 7 months ago and have been applying for banking jobs but landing absolutely nothing. I was always inclined to be a stylist and designer, but was pressured away towards a ‘stable and sure income’. Not so stable today. I absolutely […]

Consigning Jewelry – Are My Sales Good or Slow?

by Irene. I just launched my jewelry business a couple of months ago. I was approached by my yoga studio to sell my malas and spiritual bracelets, earrings on consignment. I said yes and suggested a 60/40 split. In three weeks, 1 mala, 1 set of earrings, and 2 bracelets sold. I am wondering if […]

Hand Colored Polymer Clay Leaves Earrings

by Jackie Bessner. (Upper Michigan) I’m polymer clay artist Jackie Bessner, and I created these handmade clay leaves from a mold of a real leaf. I had so much fun making these I did a ladies night out and wine tasting event and each guest made a pair of leaf earrings and a matching pendant. […]

New Jewelry Creations

by Pam McGuire. (Caulfield, Missouri) I am just getting started in a hobby turned small business. Most of my sales are by word of mouth from people I have sold jewelry to. My most recent fun piece was a bird’s nest ring. Pam McGuire Lemonpye Designs

Help! I Need to Find a “Category” for My Jewelry.

by Lisa Lavado. (Connecticut) I am trying a new marketing approach. I need to find a jewelry category I fit into so that I can better reach my niche. I plan on focusing on my woven pendants. I can do them in different colors, including birthstone colors. I was looking at “casual elegance”, but I’m […]

How to Find Jewelry Sales Reps?

by DeeAnn Elizabeth Pavlick. (Pennsylvania) Hello, my name is DeeAnn Elizabeth. I have been a designer since I was 24 and I am now 56. I have been selling on my own all these years and very wrapped up now in being an author and hospice nurse. I am looking for a sales rep to […]

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