Jewelry Shows

Learn how to have profitable jewelry shows whether at home; at fairs or festivals.

Frustrated with Jewelry Show Sales

by Jody Lanham. I make jewelry too (surprise?) and I sell it (usually) at art festivals/craft shows and at some inside markets near where I live. My observation has been that at some shows I notice artists/craftspersons who also make jewelry simply sit and construct all during the event, never get up and join the […]

Eco Friendly for Stones and Wire Wrapping

by Stephanie Garland. (Columbus, Ohio USA) In looking at possible shows for the coming season, I found two that focused on eco-friendliness. My medium is sem-precious stones and wire mostly, and then crystals, ceramic, whatever is pretty to me. Have you read anything about the carbon footprint of the stones? Are the mines blood free? […]

My first Jewellery Stall

by Eileen Kerrigan. (Ireland) This is my first jewellery stall display. I am on a tight budget so had to utilize things I had around the house. The earring display was made from an old blackboard covered with neutral fabric and strung with lace. The earrings hung perfectly. Found some old tool boxes and lined […]

My First Jewelry Table Setup at the Flea Market

by Leslie. (near Santa Cruz, California USA) This was my very first setup for selling my jewelry. I chose to go to the local flea market with my son as we wanted to sell some other household items. I had been to this flea market once, saw a lot of people selling cheap jewelry, some […]

How Much Cash Should I Have on Hand to Make Change?

by Andrea. I’m doing my first ‘event’ this weekend (one day only) that is estimated to have anywhere from 500-700 people throughout a 9-hour period. My jewelry is priced from, roughly, $15  to $35  and I know people will go to their bank or ATM before arriving, but I’m at a loss how much cash […]

Creatively Handmade Jewelry Show Table Covers

by Sue Runyon. (Niceville, Florida USA) After using big rectangles of tablecloths for a few shows, I decided to upgrade to custom fitted table covers to make things easier for set up and take down and to make my display look professional. Fussing with centering, leveling and pinning table covers was getting old. Since I […]

Post Jewelry Show Storage

by patQ. Hello All, I just completed a local craft festival…first time i made a profit, woohoo! Now i have bags and boxes of jewelry to sort out and store. My question is how do you store your finished items, especially after a show? ~ thanks patQ

Jewelry Under Glass: How Do You Keep Pricey Pieces Safe?

by Jules. I’m looking for opinions on displaying your most expensive pieces of jewelry under glass where the public can’t get to it. Should the prices be visible or should you take advantage to discuss your piece with the customer when they ask to see it?  How are others keeping their expensive jewelry safe at […]

I Want to Hire Jewelry Booth Help

by Judy Carnes. I’ve done several arts festivals, and have done most of these by myself (which is really difficult!). I’m thinking of getting someone to help me with my next arts festival and would like to know if there’s a standard way to pay someone for their help.   Judy Carnes JayBeez Jewels

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