Jewelry Shows

Learn how to have profitable jewelry shows whether at home; at fairs or festivals.

How Many Pieces of Jewelry for a Show with 2,000 Shoppers?

by Aisha Khan. (Dallas, Tx) Hello, I love your site. It’s very informational. Thank you and all other artists for jewelry educational info. I am an accidental jewelry designer 🙂 . I made some jewelry and everyone appreciates them. Right now I am making few pieces and selling on and off. This experience boost me […]

How Do I Find Quality Shows To Be In?

by Pamela Squires. I live in Mill a Valley, California and would like to start doing quality (not crafty) shows again. I did a lot in Pittsburgh, PA where I was living but I just do not  have the connections here. How do I go about finding opportunities to do shows? My favs are usually […]

Symbiotic Sisters-In-Law: two jewelry businesses with one combined display

by Sheri Cerrone. (New Jersey USA) My sister-in-law and I each have  two different jewelry companies: Magickal Moon Jewelry and Ocean Inspired Gifts. When we do craft shows, we always share a table and have combined our businesses into a eye-catching and beautiful display. We had a banner created that combines both businesses and says […]

Displays with a Pop of Color!

by Janine Gerade. (Holliston, Massachusetts USA) I went to Joann’s Fabrics to find just the right fabric to give my boring black table cover just the right pop. I decided on a silky swatch of blended rainbow and POW! Talk about color. I just bought a tent to do outdoor fairs and will have to […]

Gourd Jewelry Display

by Carol Hettenbach. (Prescott, Arizona USA) This was my display at an annual Craft Fair in Prescott Arizona. When sharing a booth or table the I always try to keep it simple and put out just a few things. In this case the entire booth was dedicated to Gourd bowl and figures. I do Gourd […]

Vintage Wedding Show for Plucky Maidens

by Gretchen Nation. (Oregon City, Oregon USA- Just south of Portland) These are photos from my first attempt at selling jewelry at a show. This was at the Plucky Maidens Get Hitched Vintage Wedding Show, earlier this year. We were told there would be no electricity available, due to the age of the building. My […]

Day at the Fayre

by Linda Finnie. (East Mountain, Nova Scotia, Canada) I attend the Truro Farmers Market in Nova Scotia every week (as well as the odd craft fayre) with my Jewellery and crafts, and every week I strive for a new & better display. My problem is that I never make the same thing twice and I […]

Retail Store Trunk Show Display

by Tomboy. (Texas USA) The retail establishment offered a round table in the front of the store and I decided to optimize space to create a strong visual interest. I used 2 block pedestals, 2 burlap/linen torsos and various acrylic risers to create different levels of height on the tabletop. The neutral palette of the […]

Chain Maille Jewelry Display

by Mimi Antonetti. (United States) Being on a tight budget I really needed to come up with some unique, inexpensive displays for my chain maille jewelry. I started doing shows in the summer of 2013 and my display has changed quite a bit. It went from a mish mosh of different earring/necklace/bracelet displays to a […]

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