Jewelry Shows

Learn how to have profitable jewelry shows whether at home; at fairs or festivals.

What to Consider Before Signing Up for an Event with High Booth Fees?

by Margaret Wellman. (Tucson, Arizona) Before considering whether to participate in an event with high booth fees, what should one consider? I have heard someone mention that you should look to recoup 10 x the booth fee. What are your thoughts on this? I would appreciate any insights on signing up for an event with […]

How Can I Be More Successful at Jewelry Shows?

by Penelope Worsham. (Northern California) I have been making jewelry for six years, showing it at farmers markets and art and craft boutiques. My jewelry is some beaded, steampunk and eclectic pieces. But, I have not been really successful. I’m sharing some photos of my booth and you can go in close to see the […]

Full-Time RV’er Doing Jewelry Shows – Tax Requirements in Different States?

by Lavern Gandy. (On the road) Definition: An RV is a vehicle that combines transportation and living quarters for travel, recreation or camping. I am becoming a full time RV’er and I make jewelry. I have federal tax number. So, am I to understand that to go state to state selling my jewelry at fairs, […]

Am I Paranoid or Blacklisted from Shows?

by Andrea. (Michigan) I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts about something that makes me feel a bit heartsick. First, some background so you can see why I am concerned I may be misperceiving things: I have chronic medical conditions (physical and depression / anxiety) that have kept me from my career as a social worker, and […]

How to Greet People Walking by My Booth?

by Gina-Marie. Do you have any suggestions for greeting people walking by my booth? I always seem to have trouble with this. It’s easy for me to say hello when someone is already in the booth, but one of my friends pointed out recently that I’m not very good at drawing people in when they’re […]

What to Carry in a Repair Kit?

by SewMagical. (East Coast of US) I will be attending a conference, where a friend will be selling some of the beaded lanyards I make. She has suggested I bring some supplies for doing quick repairs like re-attaching clasps, changing earring findings, and so forth. I have a very limited amount of luggage space. I […]

Lessons Learned: prepare your jewelry booth for bad weather

by Nicole Green. (Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi USA) I live on a coastal town where strong winds can whip up out of nowhere. Knowing this, I thought I was being very responsible by using weights and stakes, but nothing prepared me (and others) for the winds that hit us last weekend at the Harbor Fest. […]

My Wire Rings Don’t Sell

by Angela. I happily made quite a bit of copper, simple wire rings as shown on this site ,and while I had some admiring them at craft fairs, not one sold! I was disappointed and wondered if there are any tips on how to display them better. I am a crafter so painted items are […]

How Many Pieces of Jewelry for a Show with 2,000 Shoppers?

by Aisha Khan. (Dallas, Tx) Hello, I love your site. It’s very informational. Thank you and all other artists for jewelry educational info. I am an accidental jewelry designer 🙂 . I made some jewelry and everyone appreciates them. Right now I am making few pieces and selling on and off. This experience boost me […]

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