Girls’ Birthday Bracelet Beading Party

© by Rena Klingenberg; all rights reserved. A birthday bracelet beading party for girls age 5 and up is guaranteed to be a big hit. Most girls are thrilled with the opportunity to make jewelry, and parents appreciate that you’re providing both the party favors (the bracelets the girls make to take home) and the […]

How to Do Home Jewelry Parties

© by Albina Rose; all rights reserved For me, private home jewelry parties or shows have been much more lucrative than my online sales. I get a much better return on my investment of time, effort and money. Getting a large lump sum of sales and money in a few hours at a home party […]

Sell More Jewelry at Home Shows

© by Joanne Stow Boyington; all rights reserved Being a jewelry artisan allows for very special home shows, as each piece I make is an original, and will not be copied without the original purchaser’s permission! This works very well with my local customers, as well as on my website. Customers LOVE to receive a […]

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