Best Day of the Week for a Jewelry Open House?

by Charmaine Harbort. (DreamStone Jewelry) I was just wondering if there is a day of the week others find to be better for Jewelry show open houses. I have done Saturdays usually, but was wondering if a weeknight might be better since a lot of people like to keep their weekends open.   Charmaine Harbort […]

Customer Care at Jewelry Parties

© by Diana Kirkpatrick; all rights reserved. In creating one of my jewelry pieces, my goal is to create to a work of art that brings enjoyment whether it is worn or displayed. Although I also participate in fine art and craft shows, many of my customers see and try my pieces at home jewelry […]

Hosting a Jewelry Open House

© by Shannon Orr. Hosting a jewelry open house for my work was a great way to invite some needed feedback from my demographic. It also allowed me to host an event without great expense. It was a great way to seek out an honest critique not only of my work but also of my […]

Jewelry Home Party Success Tips

© by Rena Klingenberg; all rights reserved. A jewelry home party can be one of the most profitable ways to sell your jewelry. You won’t be competing against other jewelers and vendors for your customers’ attention and dollars. Instead, you’ll have a very targeted group of buyers who love to encourage each other to shop […]

Great Jewelry Home Party Invitations

© by Rena Klingenberg; all rights reserved. The best jewelry home party invitations are short, sweet, and tempting. They are a friendly missive from the party hostess to her potential guests, containing party details plus a little enticing information about your jewelry. Here are some tips for creating your own successful jewelry home party invitations. […]

Write an Irresistible Jewelry Home Party Brochure

© by Rena Klingenberg; all rights reserved. You can make a simple jewelry home party brochure or flyer that will get potential hostesses really motivated to host a party! I’ll show you how to borrow a few tried-and-true sales copy writing techniques to make a really successful brochure. Your main objective here is to get […]

Beading Birthday Party Flyer

by Rena Klingenberg. One of the fastest, easiest ways to grow your beading birthday party business is to hand out enticing flyers describing your parties. Not sure what this type of beading party business involves? See my Girls’ Birthday Bracelet Beading Party article for everything you need to know! Although I no longer do these […]

Bracelet Making Jewelry Parties

by Gina Rower. (Ellicott City, MD, USA) Just started a Birthday / Bling Fling party business. My first party was this past weekend and it was a huge success. What a blast to see this group of nine year old girls become creative… little jewelry designers!!! Thanks to the bracelet beading party idea that came […]

Girl’s Jewelry Birthday Party

by Claire DeRosa. (To Be Me Jewelry) I was asked to do a Girl’s Jewelry Birthday Party for 11 girls ages 5 to 8 yrs. old. Thanks to Rena Klingenberg’s wonderful advice on doing a Birthday Bracelet Beading Party, I was able pull this off and have loads of fun with these great kids! It […]

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