Jewelry Party Games

by Doug Kelly. My First Jewelry Party I am preparing for my first jewelry party. As a man I am wondering if it is going to present any unique challenges? My preparation began with reading Rena’s tips for jewelry parties and following the links to related topics. It appears that I have thought of most […]

Jewelry Party Inventory and Timing Questions

by Lydia. (USA) My sister and I are preparing for our first jewelry party. We make one-of-a-kind pieces, so it’s taken us a little while to build up our stock. My first question is: How much jewelry inventory do we need for a party? Should we have a certain amount based on the number of […]

Jewelry Party in a Basket: How to Offer a Portable Jewelry Party

by Louise Longworth. Often when you’re having a home jewelry party, there will be guests who would love to host a party of their own, but can’t. Perhaps they’re having renovations done, or their partner wouldn’t be happy about it, or they just don’t have enough space in their home. Here’s a suggestion to help […]

Make a Price List for Your Jewelry Making Parties

by Rena Klingenberg. When you offer jewelry making parties, it’s handy to have a price list for customers to see what kinds of projects are available to them, and the price of each piece they make. Here’s what my jewelry making party price list looks like. I’ve blanked out the prices since you’ll need to […]

What Am I Doing Wrong?

by Pauline. I am beginning to lose my umph! I have been making one of a kind jewelry for a few years now. I have sold at craft fairs and done very well at a home party. My problem is that I cannot get anyone to book a party from me at this time. It’s […]

Home Jewelry Party Display

by Janine Gerade. (Holliston, MA) I had an incredibly profitable jewelry party last week! It was at a good friend’s house who has a huge family and network of friends. Her family made amazing food to boot. I just wanted to show how I set up my table. I got the white trees from Ikea. […]

My Table Set Up at My House Shows

by Shannon Stallard. (Atlanta, Ga.) I have a large farmhouse style table in my kitchen. I have been doing small shows from my own home right now for many reasons – I want to perfect my setup before I go to a real show, the economy right now, and just to have more control over […]

Kim’s Home Jewelry Party Display

by Kim. (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) I didn’t have a lot of time or money to invest in a jewelry party display for my first show at my friend’s home. So I came up with using ceramic pottery and vases that I already had, then put in dead branches from the yard. The branches were great […]

Great Jewelry Party but…No Bookings. Now What Do I Do?

by Pauline. I have been making jewelry for a couple of years now and have sold at Craft Fairs with great success. I am, however, no longer interested in that venue. I held my first Home Party in May and nearly sold out of my items ( sold 64 pieces to 10 guests). All of […]

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