Tips for Attending Gem Shows

Avoid blowing your budget by defining your market and planning your gemstone purchases in advance by Melissa Jeffries. If you’ve been to gem shows, you know how overwhelming and daunting they can be. Although it’s difficult to narrow down all those tempting options, your jewelry business profit margin will be greater if you plan ahead […]

Develop a Jewelry Line from Customer Requests

© by Tim Davies; all rights reserved. We make jewelry mainly from gemstones, gold and silver. We began to develop a jewelry line of custom (bespoke) heraldic and signet rings incorporating crests and embellishments provided by our customers. We enjoy researching the relevant crests for different families and then working with our customers to create […]

How to Handle Difficult Jewelry Customers

by Rena Klingenberg. The vast majority of jewelry customers are a pleasure to serve. They’re genuinely terrific people who are considerate of our time, appreciative of our work, and really inspire us to build a great jewelry business. Unfortunately, however, there’s a very small minority of customers who are difficult, demanding, or unreasonable to work […]

Jewelry for Charity How Jewelry Makers Help Important Causes

© by Margaret Shuster; all rights reserved. We all know that jewelry making is a craft that fully involves one’s mind and hands, but there’s a segment of artisans who are also proving that it can involve a great deal of heart. We recently surveyed jewelry makers to find out more about how and why […]

Freelance Jewelry Designer:

How to Become a Jewelry Designer for an Established Brand © by Anne Rush; all rights reserved. After 20 years of designing fashion jewelry in the corporate world, I have come full circle. Last night I spent seven wonderful hours designing for MYSELF! I find myself in a unique situation of discovering my personal style […]

Wholesale Jewellery Re-Creations

by Tamara Summers. (Pink Pearls by Tamara) Last week I was working on some re-creating. The lady that I sell wholesale to frequently gives me these projects. A bit of background first. She also happens to be a close friend of mine. We were friends before we were business partners, and the business was born […]

How to Focus Customers’ Attention with Empty Space

by Rena Klingenberg.(Jewelry Making Journal) Empty space is a powerful tool for focusing people’s attention on something. For example, imagine a wall in an art gallery with one jewelry picture hanging on it: We focus automatically on that one picture. All that empty space around the picture makes our eyes zoom to the only object […]

DIY Kits Are a Hit! How Jessica Poundstone creates and sells her line of DIY kits

© by Jessica Poundstone; all rights reserved If you don’t currently offer a DIY (do-it-yourself) kit for your customers to make their own piece of jewelry, you might want to consider it!   I have been offering a DIY necklace kit for a few months now, and it has not only sold extremely well, but […]

Try a Jewelry Sales Analysis for Your Website or Etsy Shop

by Lisa Weber. (Silver Vine Jewelry) It occurred to me recently that I could have a much better Etsy experience if I listened to what my customers were telling me. My customers’ feedback comments were always very positive, but could their choice of purchase provide some information that might hint at what they wanted?   […]

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