New Opportunities for Selling Handmade Jewelry

by Maria Hansford. Always keep your eyes open to new opportunities. Always take with you your business cards! I made a point of always having a bunch of my business cards with me, wherever I go. This year for Valentine’s Day I went for a dinner and a musical show with my husband. During the […]

Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself

by Patricia. (New Haven, Connecticut USA) Instinctively, we want to find The One obstacle but reality is more complicated than that. Take an extremely talented individual, add her lack of self-confidence, plus her lack of successful role models, throw in some devastating life experiences and already the recipe for success seems almost unattainable. But what […]

Success Tips for a Teenage Jewelry Artist

by Rena Klingenberg. Are you a teenage jewelry artist? Young jewelry artists who want to sell their work have some unique advantages over their older counterparts. And there are lots of ways young jewelers can find profitable market niches. Selling Jewelry to Other Teenagers As a teenager, you are in close contact with the most […]

Jewelry Business Customer Service

how to give the type of customer care you like to receive by Aileen Wong. We all want to be a valued customer – someone who is important enough to be listened to and respected. It feels good when your input is not only heard, but appreciated. Most of my life, I’ve been the customer. […]

Jewelry Designs that Change Lives

by Dee Gordon. I’m a true believer in that when you give, it comes back to you in some form or fashion. That’s why when I was able to relaunch my new business and website back in August, I wanted to make it a point to design one or two jewelry pieces that would allow […]

Assembly Line Jewelry for Teenagers

Finding New Market Niches by Carolina Gonzalez. New batch of polymer clay jewelry made for the customers of the Tea Bar where I make my Tarot readings. The bar has become a place of reference for many teenage (and not so teenage) goths and metal fans – and that’s a market niche that I personally […]

Home Based Jewelers – What Worked for You?

by Rita Juhlin. If I had one wish . . . I would wish that the Buying Public would understand what fabulous jewelry our home based jewelers are creating. Each piece, one at a time with heart and soul combined as the piece comes from a thought then formed, molded, twisted and polished. No matter […]

Honest Opinions are Needed

by Barb Everett. (Pennsylvania, USA) Good Morning, First of all, thank you so much for responding to my previous post. It really helped me in locating other places to purchase much needed beads and beading supplies. Here is my last “stumbling block” : ) I am including some photos of a few of my favorite […]

Internet Scam Artists Ordering Handmade Items – Beware

by Janine Gerade and Rena Klingenberg. Internet scam artists are targeting handmade sellers and other small businesses – and here’s one way it can happen. Jewelry artist Janine Gerade received an email from someone who seemed to be a potential customer. The message said, Hello, My Name is Lawrence Peels I am a Clayer by […]

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