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Jewelry Business Accounting and Taxes

by Rena Klingenberg. Accounting and taxes for a jewelry business can be confusing and scary for creative people. I’m NOT a lawyer or an accountant, so please note that while I’ve researched this information carefully, none of the information in this website is intended to be legal or financial advice. Please use your own good […]

Jewelry Accounting

by Jane Petersen. (Madison, WI) Has anyone ever used the Jewelry Designer Manager or other software for tracking supplies and sales? I use an Excel program, but it has its limitations plus I have no record of what finished product I’ve sold. This program, from what I’ve discerned from their website, uses photos. Is it […]

How to Keep Track of the Cost of Goods Sold?

by Elise. With jewelry making, how do you keep track of the cost of goods sold (COGS)? You need to subtract this cost at the end of the year from your sales in order to get your actual net profit. I understand what costs to include in the calculation. What I don’t understand is how […]

Fair Fee for Jewelry Business Logo Creation by High School Student?

by Annie. (NY) My daughter’s friend is a recent high school graduate and a wonderful artist. I’ve asked her for a quick sketch of an idea for a logo I have and liked it and would like to work with her on creating a logo for my business (nothing too fancy but I liked her […]

How Do I Know if It’s Time to Quit?

by Donna Jadis. (Antioch, CA) This past weekend was about the WORST show I’ve had since I started my business, more than 10 years ago. I’ve watched the same show decrease in gross sales for me every year that I’ve done it (about 5 years, now, I think.) This year was half of last year’s […]

How to Go from Mish-Mash Making, to More Cohesive Jewelry?

by Andrea. (Kalamazoo, Mi) Hi all, Thanks for all the advice, insight, stories, highs and woes. Hearing from and about all of you really makes me feel less alone. That probably set off some alarm bells and pangs of recognition from some of you, so I will share that I have debilitating anxiety, depression, and […]

Diplomatic Way to Keep Clients Happy in a Small Town?

by Barbara Jacquin. (South of France) Often a good client will “teasingly” ask me not to make another piece like hers. My pieces are all one of a kind but I’d like to reproduce a similar piece with the same winning stones that I have. I’m in a small town and the clients could easily […]

How Do You Reduce Inventory?

by Autumn Boutcher. (North Carolina) My jewelry storage trays are nearly full. When I do a yearly show, I only sell a few items – so a good number of my pieces are from the first year or two of being in business. They aren’t worn down, poorly designed or anything else – they’re just […]

Jewelry Making Salary: how and when do you pay yourself?

by Karen Craig. (Williamsburg, Virginia USA) Without taking a loan to cover beginning salary (I am still working full time), how and when do you pay yourself? I have read it can be after a show. If so, how much do you know to take out? What about selling online? Karen Craig

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