How to Market

How to market your handmade jewelry. Tips for selling and marketing your jewelry, online, at shows, or anywhere you happen to find yourself with potential customers.

Has Anyone Had Success Selling from Vintage & Arts Market Type Stores?

by Katrina. (Toronto, Canada) In December 2016 I found a store called The Arts Market here in Toronto. It is a craftsy store with lots of handmade items there. The advertisement said that for $200 a month, you can rent out a space and sell your handmade items. I applied there and had an interview […]

Selling Jewelry: Not Your Ordinary Doctor’s Visit

by Katrina. (Toronto, Canada) So I had my doctor’s appointment a few days ago, and my friend suggested that I bring my jewelry with me to the doctor’s appointment, to show the doctor and staff. I took my jewelry and my displays in my bag, and went to the doctor’s appointment. I mentioned to the […]

Help! I Need to Find a “Category” for My Jewelry.

by Lisa Lavado. (Connecticut) I am trying a new marketing approach. I need to find a jewelry category I fit into so that I can better reach my niche. I plan on focusing on my woven pendants. I can do them in different colors, including birthstone colors. I was looking at “casual elegance”, but I’m […]

Artisan Cooperative Workspace – Is There Any Advantage Beyond Exposure?

by Michele Counihan. I recently joined a new artisan cooperative workspace owned by the niece of a former employer. About a month after the opening, she had a designers meeting and told us we each have to pay $125 per quarter in addition to her 25% commission on each sale and fees for table space […]

How to Promote My Jewelry with Easy to Open Closures?

by Lisa Winters-Baldwin. (Phoenix, Arizona) I was so excited to read the posting in your last newsletter called There’s a Big Audience for Jewelry with Easy Open Clasps because I have recently started giving customers options for easy to open clasps in my own Etsy shop. That posting taught me to use the toggle closures […]

I’m Improving, But I Still Have Questions

by Dan Santersero. (Pueblo, CO) Hey everyone! I made a post here some time ago – Help – Starting a Jewelry Business Right Out of High School. I thought I’d share what I’ve been doing and improved on. I’m still more or less fresh out of high school, and I still don’t have a job. […]

Getting Publicity by Wearing My Jewelry

by Judy Pagnusat. (Northern California, United States)   I always wear at least one piece of my jewelry and encourage my friends who make jewelry to do the same. The unusual thing that happened to me was that on a trip this year to a very small island on the north end of the British […]

Wooden & Stone Bead Jewelry – Sell Separately or as a Set?

by Colleen. (Webster, NY) This is what came from part boredom and a need to clean out. Some of these wooden beads came from a friend’s son and some were a sale buy. Add to that, stone beads that were laying around – and taa da! Now to see if they will sell. Any ideas […]

Books! Making Miniature Book Charms for Swag Bags!

by April. (Texas, USA) Books, beads, and rocks are my favorite things. Miniature books make me giddy. BUT miniature books that can be made into jewelry is swoon-worthy! About two years ago I turned a miniature book I made into a necklace, and then made earrings to match. I really enjoy making miniature books and […]

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