Selling Online – Etsy or Artfire?

by Clare Blessinger. (New York) I’ve been reading this blog forever and now I am ready to come out of the closet as a jewelry maker and try selling my pieces. I value your opinion greatly and the ladies that write on this Journal. So here it is, I want to try selling my pieces […]

How Much to Start Up an Online Shop with Quality Inventory?

by Gail Taylor. I will be going to my first gem / bead show in August 2016, as I have never been able to save any money because there are so many gorgeous things online, that I spend every penny I can find buying online. I just moved to a boat and even though I […]

Brand New Etsy Shop – How Do I Get Sales?

by Christine. I am a newbie to jewelry making. I got so excited about finally finding and learning about jewelry making that I have jumped in head first. Though I have learned a lot in the 3 months of making jewelry, and have opened up a shop on Etsy, I have yet to sell an […]

Stretching Myself Too Thin Online – Something Has Got to Go!

by Janine. (Holliston, Massachusetts, USA) I am going to put it all out there: I have a website powered by Vistaprint, an Etsy page, an Artfire page and a Facebook page. I an not consistent with any of them. I have been talking to business owners who develop whole advertising plans and market well. I […]

Anyone Familiar with this Online Storefront?

by Veronica. (Manassas Park, Virginia USA) I’ve been making jewelry for four years now without making a profit. I joined several craft websites without success. My Etsy shop has been open since 2009 and I haven’t had many sales but I still persist. I received and unsolicited email (alarms, bells, whistles) from a site called […]

Fraudulent Jewelry Orders Online

by Ryan Cheng. Fraudulent jewelry orders online can happen to anyone. If you’re selling your work on the Internet, it’s important to know what to watch out for. Most fraud occurs during payment – in the form of bounced checks, stolen credit cards, or forged cashier’s checks. For online jewelry sales, similar payment fraud happens […]

Making 3000 Sales (or More) on Etsy

by Rita Juhlin. What does it take to make 3000 sales (or more) on Etsy? My mind works in the “Why?” zone. One question keeps coming up here in Rena’s website is “why isn’t my jewelry selling?” Let us forget that there are a bazillion sites selling jewelry and forget that the economy is in […]

Website or Etsy? Which is Best?

by Kym Kinnison. (Glasgow, Scotland) Rena, I have enjoyed your newsletters for many years and would like to thank you for your valuable tips and advice. I make one-off and limited edition re-fashioned vintage pieces, the photo I have sent shows a porcelain lid from a Victorian ginger jar, set in silver with silver branches, […]

How to Get Found on Etsy

by Linda Blackburn. (Washington DC, USA) Like many Etsy jewelry sellers, I had about given up. “Too many jewelry designers”. “Impossible to get found”. “I can’t compete with those low prices”. It had gotten to the point where I had things listed, but I assumed I would sell nothing … and I let it slide. […]

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