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Jewelry business tips and ideas.

New, Improved Signing for Jewelry Prices

by Linda Harrison. (United States) Signing my items has sometimes been a challenge. I don’t care for those string tags because they hang from merchandise and sometimes look tacky. I used to make just a folding cardboard sign from cardstock, but they don’t last long. I also used to make signs and laminate, but if […]

Picture Perfect – Photographing Jewelry

by Annie Laughton. (Australia) When selling my pieces online, the photos are the most important thing to grab the buyer’s attention. After investing in a photocube and good camera, I began to improve my photos exponentially. The addition of the rock is for two reasons – one it is something to lean the pendants on […]

How Do You Create Your Jewelry Photos?

by Mike Blenkinsop. (Bali) Just signed up to your newsletter and getting inspired to contributing in the future. I’m impressed with your tutorials and especially the fresh photo’s… Can you share the method you deploy in capturing these and any editing used? Regards, Mike Mike Blenkinsop Melamun

How to Overhaul a Logo on a Small Budget?

by Jeanna Stapleton. (NYS) When I started my jewelry business several years ago, I designed a quick logo. I was pregnant and thought I was going to have a girl. We planned on naming her Lily Marie, so including a Lily in my logo seemed perfect. Come to find out we had a boy named […]

Copper Wire and Ceramic Bead Jewelry – What Tag Words to Describe Them?

by Beverly Raznoff. (Susquehanna PA) I am taking a course at the New York Institute of Art and Design and these pieces were a few of my home work admissions. I made these pieces out of copper wire and ceramic beads. I posted them here because I am in the middle of revamping my Etsy […]

Which US Jewelry Show is Best Suited for Me?

by Donna. (Hong Kong) I am a jewelry designer, doing a designer brand business in handmade gemstone jewelry. I exhibited in a London jewelry show last year, but did not get any orders there. The venue is very quiet and buyers favoured metal stuff. My products are colorful and made with gemstones. I am planning […]

Love Me Do! Heart Pendants

by Erinn LaMattery. (Japan) Although I’m behind on my Valentine’s Day line, I finally got some statement Love Me Do heart pendants finished off, and am so happy with how they turned out. These have at least 10 steps from start to finish, if not more, starting with a coil of wire and ending with […]

Jewelry Business Accounting and Taxes

by Rena Klingenberg. Accounting and taxes for a jewelry business can be confusing and scary for creative people. I’m NOT a lawyer or an accountant, so please note that while I’ve researched this information carefully, none of the information in this website is intended to be legal or financial advice. Please use your own good […]

Has Anyone Had Success Selling from Vintage & Arts Market Type Stores?

by Katrina. (Toronto, Canada) In December 2016 I found a store called The Arts Market here in Toronto. It is a craftsy store with lots of handmade items there. The advertisement said that for $200 a month, you can rent out a space and sell your handmade items. I applied there and had an interview […]

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