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Has Anyone Had Success Selling from Vintage & Arts Market Type Stores?

by Katrina. (Toronto, Canada) In December 2016 I found a store called The Arts Market here in Toronto. It is a craftsy store with lots of handmade items there. The advertisement said that for $200 a month, you can rent out a space and sell your handmade items. I applied there and had an interview […]

Selling Jewelry: Not Your Ordinary Doctor’s Visit

by Katrina. (Toronto, Canada) So I had my doctor’s appointment a few days ago, and my friend suggested that I bring my jewelry with me to the doctor’s appointment, to show the doctor and staff. I took my jewelry and my displays in my bag, and went to the doctor’s appointment. I mentioned to the […]

What to Consider Before Signing Up for an Event with High Booth Fees?

by Margaret Wellman. (Tucson, Arizona) Before considering whether to participate in an event with high booth fees, what should one consider? I have heard someone mention that you should look to recoup 10 x the booth fee. What are your thoughts on this? I would appreciate any insights on signing up for an event with […]

Jewelry Design to Fund a Non-Profit Organization – How to Find the Person to Pitch It to?

by Rashida Cotton. (Macon, GA) Hello all! I have a jewelry design, and I want to use the profits from the design to help fund an organization to help abused children. Does anyone know who I can pitch this design to? Thank you! Rashida Cotton

How Can I Be More Successful at Jewelry Shows?

by Penelope Worsham. (Northern California) I have been making jewelry for six years, showing it at farmers markets and art and craft boutiques. My jewelry is some beaded, steampunk and eclectic pieces. But, I have not been really successful. I’m sharing some photos of my booth and you can go in close to see the […]

My Passion, Wire Wrapping and Stones

by Victoria. (Mishawaka, Indiana) I learned to do wire wrap jewelry several years ago, but did little with it until I moved to Arizona. I realized that I was living in an area that was a literal treasure trove of gems and minerals that could be made into beautiful pieces of jewelry, ideal for wire […]

How Can I Start a Jewelry Business When I Can’t Make Jewelry?

by Zaina. (Toronto) I am a recent MBA graduate from the finance industry. I graduated 7 months ago and have been applying for banking jobs but landing absolutely nothing. I was always inclined to be a stylist and designer, but was pressured away towards a ‘stable and sure income’. Not so stable today. I absolutely […]

Consigning Jewelry – Are My Sales Good or Slow?

by Irene. I just launched my jewelry business a couple of months ago. I was approached by my yoga studio to sell my malas and spiritual bracelets, earrings on consignment. I said yes and suggested a 60/40 split. In three weeks, 1 mala, 1 set of earrings, and 2 bracelets sold. I am wondering if […]

Hand Colored Polymer Clay Leaves Earrings

by Jackie Bessner. (Upper Michigan) I’m polymer clay artist Jackie Bessner, and I created these handmade clay leaves from a mold of a real leaf. I had so much fun making these I did a ladies night out and wine tasting event and each guest made a pair of leaf earrings and a matching pendant. […]

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