Selling Jewelry with a Disability

by Kathleen. (Lilac Moon Jewelry – Florida) Hi Rena & Fellow artists! Without a lot of fluff I’ll go straight to my question. Is there anyone here that deals with Fibromyalgia and have you figured out a way to sell your jewelry when your Fibro keeps you limited to doing activities? I’m struggling with this […]

How to Keep “Math Issues” from Stopping Your Jewelry Business

by Rena Klingenberg. A fellow jewelry artist told me about her biggest roadblock: “I am poor at math-related issues and have been terrified about starting out: taxes, insurance, pricing, etc.” I know from my own experience that if you have “math issues” or find mathematical things hard to understand, it can close a lot of […]

Make a Measuring Template for Wire Jewelry Projects

by Rena Klingenberg. You can use this idea for all kinds of wire (and other) jewelry designs! Once you’ve figured out the measurements for a project, create a template so you won’t have to do the same measuring all over again the next time you make something similar. Among my most-used wireworking tools are my […]

Fingerless Jewelry Making Gloves Tutorial

by Noreen Doll. (Crafty Journal) Create a pair of fingerless jewelry making gloves from a pair of knee high socks. Here’s one of a pair I made a year ago and have really worn a lot! They are quick to make and very inexpensive if you buy your socks at the dollar store. Be sure […]

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