Work in progress

by Pam. (West Australia) As soon as I can master setting this in a golden wire woven bezel it will be ready! Not simple with hands that are half numb and hurt, but I WILL do it! This is a beach found shellchip, freshwater pearls, a howlite starfish, and beach sand in resin. It will […]

Discouraged, Overwhelmed, but NOT Giving Up

by Mardi. (North Texas, USA) I am female. Barely 30 years old. I live with my parents in North Texas, USA. I’m unable to work a “real job” since late-July 2011 after Bi-Polar / Social Anxiety / ADHD diagnosis. I’m currently on government disability. I have 9+ yrs of jewelry “experience” though the first 7-ish […]

Pastels in Pearls

by Consuelo Alburg. (United States) I love pearls, warm weather, trees, and plants, not necessarily in that order. In the spring is when all the jewelry I or my daughter create come out of our jewelry box. When I saw these components of matte silver spirals, I knew before I paid for them how I […]

Custom Designed for Eclectic Tastes & Physical Challenges

by Gloria. (Ohio USA ) The first requirement for this necklace was it had to be easy on and off, so it had to be clasp-free. Then it needed to be a soft texture around the neck and in soft creamy, dreamy colors. Add to that, a look of old and new in one complete […]

Need Suggestions: Jewelry for the Blind

by Sheila Meador. (Atlanta, Georgia USA) I have reconnected with a blind friend from my childhood, and we are going on a beach adventure to Tybee Island in June. I want to plan interesting, interactive things we can do together to fill the time. I don’t want either of us to get sunburned from staying […]

Marcia’s Dangerous Curves

by Marcia Dooly. (Summer Haven, Florida USA) This design (Dangerous Curves) was fun to make. My Irish husband noticed it immediately and said it reminded him of the many serpentine Boreens in Ireland. I’ve added a few beads for color and to individualize the design. My daughter has a shop and they’re going to her…. […]

My Amulet Bag Passion

by Debbie Reynolds. (Saratoga Springs, New York USA) I have been bead weaving for many years, recently I started taking some classes to try to diversify a bit, learning more every day but I have to admit that my passion has always been Amulet bags. I have made hundreds over the years and even when […]

How to Sell My Jewelry with Limited Resources and Mobility?

by Amber. I have no job due to being unable to work with the genetic disorder I have. I have plenty of jewelry made, but no car, no money left, and my boyfriend just lost his job yesterday. My genetic disorder (Ehlers-Danlos type 3) causes my bones to dislocate extremely easily so that rules out […]

New Found Support

by Ellie Stitt. (Near Manchester – United Kingdom) I’ve suffered from significant health problems for most of my life but have always managed to work, volunteer or participate in my community. In July 2012 I had an allergic reaction to prescribed medication, and was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis and a month later I was made […]

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