Delicate Gemstone Necklace

by Viktoria Cohen. (Clifton,NJ, United States) I designed this long (37″) statement necklace with matte silver Hematite,gold Pyrite and 14k gold filled beads. I wanted to keep all gemstones and beads very small (2-3mm) to create a modern, feminine look. The necklace also features an artisan made gold plated bronze pendant and a tiny heart […]

How I Fell in Love with Fold Forming!

by Pamela Dudrow. (In my dining room, kitchen, bedroom…! Woodsboro, MD) I’ve been making jewelry for over 15 years. Up until that time I had been very active; riding horses professionally and participating in triathlons. I was also a critical care nurse taking care of bariatric patients after their surgery in the PACU or Recovery […]

How to Go from Mish-Mash Making, to More Cohesive Jewelry?

by Andrea. (Kalamazoo, Mi) Hi all, Thanks for all the advice, insight, stories, highs and woes. Hearing from and about all of you really makes me feel less alone. That probably set off some alarm bells and pangs of recognition from some of you, so I will share that I have debilitating anxiety, depression, and […]

Healing in Creation – A Special Graduation Necklace

by Blanche Nonken. (Fallon, NV) My younger daughter is autistic. She’s 20 years old, and last week was her high school graduation. She has been living in a special needs group home since age 19, and I have been working to recover my own balance since she was placed. Decades of keeping her safe and […]

Any Solutions for Fingertips that Keep Cracking?

by Susan Cowles. (Palisade, Co.) Does anyone have the problem with their fingertips cracking? I go thru a lot of band aids, hand cream and pain. Any ideas?? Thanks! Susan Cowles

Memory Wire Jewelry Making for Visually Impaired Artist with Fine Motor Difficulty

by Rena Klingenberg. Nancy Mac sent in this question: What is Memory Wire? My sister is visually impaired and also has fine motor problems now after a stroke. She has difficulty now holding the string to make bracelets. Does anyone know of a “string holder” or any type of assistive device she could use? She […]

Delicate Faux Pearl Jewelry

by Missy Rogers. (Ionia, Michigan) I started making jewelry after a long continuous battle with mental illness that ultimately prevented me from working outside the home. I found joy in playing with beads and new color combinations. Recently, I have discovered the beauty of glass pearls and the elegance they lend to simple bracelets and […]

Glenda’s Jewellery

by Glenda Snailham. (England) This is my first time posting my jewellery. l have just started making jewellery. I’m 64, retired lady and I have trouble with my hands and used to do cross stitch but can’t hold the needle for long so began a new craft. l love being able to make things I […]

Am I Paranoid or Blacklisted from Shows?

by Andrea. (Michigan) I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts about something that makes me feel a bit heartsick. First, some background so you can see why I am concerned I may be misperceiving things: I have chronic medical conditions (physical and depression / anxiety) that have kept me from my career as a social worker, and […]

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