Santa Claus Christmas Jewelry Set

by Regina Pickering. (Mississippi USA) I live on a farm, and occasionally we have to give one of our cows some medication. In most cases farm meds come in truly mundane, unappealing packaging. A recent medication came in a tube with a red, cone-shaped plastic cap. The bright red cones caps were just too cool […]

Upcycled Drawer Pull Jewelry

by Teri Griffith. (Davie Florida USA) While traveling to Oregon this summer to see our family, it also included a few trips to the salvage stores. Abandoned destroyed dresser drawer pulls always catch my eye. First I tried to work around the holes to configure the rest of the pieces into a necklace. Covering up […]

“Anybody Know What Time It Is?” Earrings

by Robin Zvolanek-Krenzel. (Chanute, Kansas USA) I love anything a little quirky, different, and just downright unique. . . but in a simple ‘straightforward’ sort of way (an enigma, I guess you could say). So when I came across these clock hands in my stash box, I though, “Why not?” So I did. Two black […]

Asymmetrical Sight Glass Necklace

by Regina Pickering. (Mississippi USA) I love my dogs, but they have a bad habit of digging in the yard. Normally, nothing good comes of their digging, but recently they uncovered this unusual fitting. Once it was cleaned, it turned out to be solid brass with a lovely weathered patina and a glass center that […]

Brass Tacks Bracelet

by Angela Moisey. (Winnipeg Manitoba Canada) Office supplies can be a great resource for jewelry. These great paper fasteners came from where I work. A lot of people enjoy collecting memorabilia from our company. Me included. These were originally intended for a scrapbooking project. I stumbled on these again the other day and thought, what […]

Santa Barbara Zoo Zoo Bottle Necklace

by Yvonne Scolari. (Santa Barbara, California USA) A few months ago I purchased a large quantity of very small glass bottles from our local Art From Scrap store. ( I believe they may have been donated room a medical supply company.) From another local shop that sales an assortment of items purchased from abandoned storage […]

Creating Silver Bacon – UpCycled

by Angela Moisey. (Winnipeg Manitoba Canada) I had always wanted to create using melted plastic in some kind of project. So here it is, I call it Silver Bacon. I cut up a raspberry tray and drew stripes on it with a Silver Sharpie. When I was melting the strips over the candle flame it […]

Past Times

by Julie Ryen. (Spokane, Washington USA) I love creating unique jewelry designs incorporating vintage elements that I have collected over the years. This design was created by repurposing a vintage pocket watch that was no longer functional. This vintage pocket watch has a beautiful case and was worthy to bring to new life. To the […]

“Little Angels” Jewelled Denim Pocket Purses

by Tamara Summers. (Sarnia, Ontario, Canada) Earlier this summer I picked up a couple of pairs of jeans at a garage sale. I didn’t bother asking to go in to try them on. When I got home, I found that they were a little low in the rise for my taste, but I really liked […]

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