Free Jewelry Tutorials

Stacked Rings Necklace (Tutorial)

by Rena Klingenberg. You know how sometimes you put a pendant on a … [Read More...]

Desert Rain Wire Earrings (Tutorial)

by Rena Klingenberg. These earrings were inspired by the American … [Read More...]

Animal Print Earrings (Tutorial)

by Rena Klingenberg. These animal print earrings are a fun, chic … [Read More...]

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Jewelry Business Ideas

I Hate How Consignment Shop Displays My Jewelry

by Amanda. (Akron, New York USA) I don't know how to go about talking … [Read More...]

Teaching Classes and Having Fun!

by Phyllis Churchill. (Deltona, Florida USA) I am a crafter, and I sell … [Read More...]

Jewelry Artist Assistant: the smartphone

by Sheila Meador. (Charlotte, North Carolina USA) We live in an age … [Read More...]

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Jewelry Display Ideas

Maximum Jewelry Design

by Manuela Tufano. (East Stroudsburg, PA) The original business … [Read More...]

Upcycled Spoon Racks

by Debra Procter. (Brantford, Ontario, Canada) I bought my first spoon … [Read More...]

Farmer’s Market Jewelry Display

by Jennifer Prim. (Los Angeles, California USA) These are pics from … [Read More...]

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Jewelry Gallery Entries

Purse Charms

by Christine Yuss. (Ventura, CA) What could I do to set myself apart … [Read More...]

My Newest Project

by Tammy S. Byrd. (Lewiston, ID) Here is an Ocean Japser pendant … [Read More...]

Dendritic Ring

by Rhonda Johnson. (Idaho) My grandson requested a custom ring for his … [Read More...]

My “Mother of All Pearl” Choker

by Dana C Smith. (Ocean City, MD) I just went plum pearl wild with … [Read More...]

Request for Black & White

by Christine Yuss. (Ventura, CA) Lately I've been handling a lot of … [Read More...]

Monarch Memories Necklace

by Tamara Summers. (Sarnia, Ontario, Canada) Recently I went for my … [Read More...]

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