Free Jewelry Tutorials

Wire Helix Earrings (Tutorial)

by Rena Klingenberg. In this wire helix earring project we'll create … [Read More...]

Easy Bird’s Nest Wire Earrings (Tutorial)

by Rena Klingenberg. These tiny wire bird's nests are filled with … [Read More...]

Toggle Pendant Necklace (Tutorial)

by Rena Klingenberg. A toggle pendant necklace features a toggle … [Read More...]

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Jewelry Business Ideas

How Do You Create Your Jewelry Photos?

by Mike Blenkinsop. (Bali) Just signed up to your newsletter and … [Read More...]

How to Overhaul a Logo on a Small Budget?

by Jeanna Stapleton. (NYS) When I started my jewelry business … [Read More...]

Copper Wire and Ceramic Bead Jewelry – What Tag Words to Describe Them?

by Beverly Raznoff. (Susquehanna PA) I am taking a course at the … [Read More...]

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Jewelry Display Ideas

Old Windows

by Gretchen Shea. (Pennsylvania) I was looking for an easy was to … [Read More...]

Ready-Made Bracelet Display

by Susie O'Brien. (Philadelphia PA) I like to browse hardware … [Read More...]

Colorful Shabby Chic Boutique Style Bracelet and Ankle Bracelet Display

by craftyjules. (utah, usa) For a display in a scrapbook and … [Read More...]

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Jewelry Gallery Entries

Wire Shamrocks!

by Erinn LaMattery. (Japan) Back in January I started playing … [Read More...]

Enameled Earrings

by Dianne. (Vermont) I have become enamored with enamel! Here … [Read More...]

Seascape Dreams Jewelry

by Alla P. (United States) When I think of summer it always brings … [Read More...]

Cold Forged Pendant Settings

by Dennis Hardy. (Arizona) These pendants are cold forged from … [Read More...]

Brass Butterfly Garden Necklace

by Linda Tenney. (Palm Harbor, FL) I love creating nature tableaus … [Read More...]

Crushed Gemstone Vertical Bar Necklace

by Kelly Tibbetts. (Vero Beach, Florida) These beautiful crushed … [Read More...]

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