Jewelry Making Ideas

Creepy Crawly Spider Earrings - tutorial by Rena Klingenberg

Creepy Crawly Spider Earrings (Tutorial)

by Rena Klingenberg. These bead and wire spider earrings are fun to make and sure to get … [Read More...]

Halloween Jewelry Ideas and Inspiration - Rena Klingenberg

Halloween Jewelry Ideas & Inspiration

by Rena Klingenberg. The elements that make Halloween so delightfully disturbing can also … [Read More...]

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Jewelry Business Ideas

LCarson: PayPal's Cool Free Tool

Using Paypal’s Cool Free Tool

by Lynda Carson. (Spring Valley, California USA) I've had a Paypal account for a while … [Read More...]


Writing an Artist Biography

by Sheila Meador. (Atlanta, Georgia USA) I have been asked to write a short bio to be … [Read More...]


Jewelry Booth Inventory vs. Online Inventory

by Kristina. (Commerce Township, Michigan) My sister and I are finally getting started with … [Read More...]

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Jewelry Display Ideas

Closeup of the pendants, made with vintage domino pieces, painted and decorated with my own altered photo designs.

The Quickest Pendant Display

by Carolina González. (My Little Magick Shop) This super quick pendant display is … [Read More...]

Grandma's Attic . . . If Your Grandma was an Elf.

Mystic Marbles Jewelry – My First Booth

by Colleen. (Mystic Marbles Jewelry) Almost all of my jewelry is made by wire-wrapping … [Read More...]

Fredericksburg, Va. Expo Arts & Crafts Show

Classic Inside Booth

by Jackie Reinhart. (Fredericksburg, VA, USA) My color sceme is red/black & white. … [Read More...]

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Jewelry Gallery Entries

NVaughan: Picture Writing with Wire 2

Picture Writing with Wire

by Nancy Vaughan. (San Diego, California USA) I have a box where I keep unfinished and … [Read More...]

Caption: For a Friend. Favourite colours and shapes were used to design this birthday gift, using \"Stay In\" ear wires.

The Bottom of the Cup

by Nancy Franck. (Wooster, Ohio USA) It all started at a Christmas ornament workshop. We … [Read More...]

LCarson: Things of Autumn 4

Things of Autumn

by Lynda Carson. (Spring Valley, California USA ) While I love the sights, smells, and … [Read More...]

SUrist: Black Glass & Sterling Silver 1

Black Glass & Sterling Silver

by Stefania Urist. (Brooklyn, NY) The glass in the center piece of this ring is crushed up … [Read More...]

RKerry: Copal Cluster

Copal Cluster

by Rachel Kerry. (Colchester Essex UK) Here I have sent you a picture of a beady drop in … [Read More...]

Phoenix with shell

Finding Inspiration in the Natural World

by Marion Delgiudice. (Long Island, New York USA) Inspiration comes from many places, but we … [Read More...]

Classic Blue Oval Cameo and Lace Necklace

Classic Blue Cameo & Lace Necklaces

by Tamara Summers. (Sarnia, Ontario, Canada) The inspiration for these necklaces is a … [Read More...]

Woven copper bracelet.

Exploring New Technique

by Irina Collister. (Matawan, New Jersey USA) I'd like to share with you my current … [Read More...]

Eternal Hope~ Crystal and Pearl Pet Memorial Rose Bracelet

Eternal Hope

by Sarah Barnes. (Massachusetts USA) A pet brings special meaning to our lives by being true … [Read More...]

Paw Prints Along The Sand

Paw Prints Along The Sand~Inspirational Pet Memorial Necklace

by Sarah Barnes. (United States) Much of my inspiration and design  for my jewelry pieces … [Read More...]

SCollin: Feuilles En Fête 2

Feuilles En Fête

by Solange Collin. (Nancy/France) Fall is not only my favorite season but also the season … [Read More...]

More in natural light

Gorgeous Charms Meet Stackable Stretch Bracelets

by Janine Gerade. (Holliston, Massachusetts USA) These stretch bracelets are growing popular … [Read More...]

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