Free Jewelry Tutorials

Triple Chain Slave Bracelet (Tutorial)

by Rena Klingenberg. A "slave bracelet" is a jewelry style where a … [Read More...]

Changeable Crescent Moon Necklace (Tutorial)

by Rena Klingenberg. We're going to make a metal crescent moon … [Read More...]

Adjustable Cord Bracelet (Tutorial)

by Rena Klingenberg. With this bracelet's adjustable closure, … [Read More...]

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Jewelry Business Ideas

How to Cost Jewelry Made with Seed Beads?

by Horatia Henderson. I would like to sell jewellery I have made … [Read More...]

Is It OK to Copy a Necklace Design and Donate It to a Charity?

by Sherry. I saw a necklace online, and I want to make it. I wanted … [Read More...]

Diplomatic Way to Keep Clients Happy in a Small Town?

by Barbara Jacquin. (South of France) Often a good client will … [Read More...]

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Jewelry Display Ideas

Should I Group Similar Items or Spread Them Out?

by Susan Lloyd. I was wondering if it is better to group like items … [Read More...]

Evolution of a Jewellery Stall

by Natasha Fraser. (New Forest, Hampshire, England) I love reading all … [Read More...]

Home Made Earring Display & Tray Riser

by Tara Myers. (Belton, South Carolina USA) This past December, I was … [Read More...]

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Jewelry Gallery Entries

Apoxie Sculpt: First Try

by Sherry. (Edmonton, Canada) I've been curious about working with … [Read More...]

Ancient Necklaces

by Michele Counihan. (Brewster, NY (Putnam County)) I am addicted … [Read More...]

Sweetheart Earrings

by Erinn LaMattery. (Japan) I wanted to get something together for … [Read More...]

Chainmaille Necklace for a Friend

by Glenda. (England) I made this necklace for a friend in … [Read More...]

Irresistible Cobalt Blue Earrings

by Leah. (Pennsylvania) I fell in love with these cobalt blue beads … [Read More...]

Seed Bead Wrap Bracelets

by Jessica. (Nyack NY) I used to make memory wire wraps, but I … [Read More...]

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