Jewelry Making Ideas


Cat Calamity in My Studio

by Phyllis Churchill. (Deltona, Florida USA) Goodness ONLY KNOWS I love my cats!! However, … [Read More...]


What Can I Do with Undrilled Pearls?

by Kristin Moore. (Ohio, USA) I have a dilemma. I have two different customers that have … [Read More...]

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Jewelry Business Ideas

Earth and Sky

My Jewelry Pricing Confidence Conundrum

by Stacey Danevicz. (Michigan USA) I have been making jewelry for about nine years now, and … [Read More...]

Prakruti: Jewelry Hobby to Jewelry Business: What's the best way to move forward?  2

Jewelry Hobby to Jewelry Business: What’s the best way to move forward?

by Prakruti. (India) First of all thanks a lot for sharing useful and handy stuff to this … [Read More...]

Rainbow moonstone with a lovely caribbean blue cord wrapping.

How Do You See the Value in Your Work?

by Amanda. (Ontario Canada) I've just started the idea of selling my macrame jewelry, the … [Read More...]

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Jewelry Display Ideas

Jewelry Displayed on Velvet Padded Hangers

Padded Hangers as Earring/Necklace Display

by Diane Kirkland. (Door County, WI) I was looking for a compact way to … [Read More...]


New Jewelry Business Cards Using Moo Print

by Michelle Schiller. (Thornton, Colorado, USA) I was playing around with Moo Print, … [Read More...]

Inexpensive Booth Banner

Inexpensive Banner for Jewelry Booth

by Kathi Ader. (Waterford, MI) Want a great looking banner for your booth but don't have … [Read More...]

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Jewelry Gallery Entries

Up-Cycled Spoon Necklace

Up-Cycled Spoon Necklace

by Jamie. (Encampment, Wyoming USA) I love to up-cycle various forms of jewelry components … [Read More...]

CWilson: Copper Coil Pendant

Copper Coil Pendant

by Carol Wilson. (Granger, Texas USA) I love spirals, coils, swirls and the like. I … [Read More...]

This is my finished photo pendant, created to honor the memory of my cousin.

Tante Anna

by Ann Widner. (United States) This is a photo pendant that I made to wear to my cousin's … [Read More...]

Frilly Freshwater Pearls for Me

Frilly Freshwater Pearls for Me

by Tamara Summers. (Sarnia, Ontario, Canada) This is a pearl necklace for myself I made a … [Read More...]

Patina Copper Cuff

Copper Cuffs and Slides

by Jamie. (Encampment, Wyoming USA) I am really fascinated with copper and the colors … [Read More...]

Woven Wire Pendant with Pretty Amazonite Stone

Woven Copper Wire Pendant with Amazonite Stone

by Pamela Kriner. (At the northern end of the Central Valley, in the great state of … [Read More...]

Wrapped sea glass with handpainted embellishment.

Combination of My Loves in Sea Glass

by Em Noll. (Pennsylvania, USA) I am probably a little out of my element, posting my jewelry … [Read More...]

SGoetsch: Rustic Heart 1

Rustic Heart

by Sally Goetsch. (Lacey, Washington USA) I did not create the focal metal heart cutout … [Read More...]

"Green Turquoise" Bracelet

An Ebay “Oops”

by Melodee Vandenbosch. (Stafford, Virginia USA) This piece is simply strung with "green … [Read More...]

Origami paper beads make beautiful and lightweight earrings.

Victorian-Style Origami Drop Earrings

by Sherry Gerstein. (Ridgefield, Connecticut USA ) There was a while where I was making a … [Read More...]

Dawn: Problem Bracelet into Eye-Catching Necklace 2

Problem Bracelet into Eye-Catching Necklace

by Dawn. (York, Pennsylvania USA) Since I waited too long to decide which dress to wear … [Read More...]

Amethyst Gemstone Necklace

Amazing Amethyst Necklace is Mine

by Linda Blatchford. (Chicagoland, Illinois USA) I purchased the cape amethyst spikes and … [Read More...]

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