Free Jewelry Tutorials

Rugged Scrap Metal Necklace (Tutorial)

by Rena Klingenberg. This is a great necklace for men - and also for … [Read More...]

Bead & Scroll Adjustable Wire Ring (Tutorial)

by Rena Klingenberg. This easy adjustable wire ring features a … [Read More...]

Two-Tier Bib Necklace (Tutorial)

by Rena Klingenberg. This two-tier bib necklace project is a great … [Read More...]

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Jewelry Business Ideas

Has Anyone Had Success Selling from Vintage & Arts Market Type Stores?

by Katrina. (Toronto, Canada) In December 2016 I found a store called … [Read More...]

Selling Jewelry: Not Your Ordinary Doctor’s Visit

by Katrina. (Toronto, Canada) So I had my doctor's appointment a … [Read More...]

What to Consider Before Signing Up for an Event with High Booth Fees?

by Margaret Wellman. (Tucson, Arizona) Before considering whether … [Read More...]

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Jewelry Display Ideas

Bottle Cap Necklace Display Trees

by Paula. (W.F IL) My bottle cap necklace holder came about because … [Read More...]

Use Business Cards to Give Your Jewelry Design Business a Power Surge

by Kristie Leong. Business Card for Kristie's Beads Indeed Bead … [Read More...]

Using Gourds Instead of Traditional Jewelry Display Busts

by Sue Harth. (Queensland, Australia) For several years now I have … [Read More...]

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Jewelry Gallery Entries

Vibrant Poppy Jasper Pendant

by Sonal Karnik. (Evergreen, CO) Some stones just fill your senses … [Read More...]

“Seek Your True North” Pendant

by Laura-Lee Podmore. (Canada) It happened again. Someone said … [Read More...]

Tree of Life Pendant for Daughter’s Birthday

by Anne. (British Columbia Canada) I tend to make very casual … [Read More...]

Redesigned Vintage Jewelry

by Jackie Leonard. (Ann Arbor, MI) This first piece has beautiful … [Read More...]

Elemental Creations

by Galena Gibson. (Southeast Arkansas) I love to order mixed … [Read More...]

Sodalite DOES Look Nice with Antiqued Copper!

by Terrie Marcoe. (New Paltz, NY) I have been procrastinating at … [Read More...]

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